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Speed Grapher is a franchise comprised of 1 anime series, 1 manga series
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A flamboyant homosexual who runs a massage parlor. Often a source of comic relief within the show Speed Grapher. Appears to be a foreigner stuck in Japan with a crush on Tatsumi.

Chouji Suitengu

Chouji Suitengu's parents were murdered by the Tennozu Group when he was 12. He becomes an assassin in and aims to destroy the economy that devastated his and many other lives.

Hibari Ginza

She is the Chief Inspector of Shinjuku and has a big crush on Tatsumi Saiga.

Kagura Tennouzu

Kaoru Koganei

A Euphoric with the ability to turn herself into a living diamond.

Katsuya Shirogane

One of the Euphorics sent by Suitengu to retrieve Kagura from Saiga, Katsuya Shirogane possesses the ability to stretch his body into any imaginable form.


One of the men who works under Tsujido and Suitengu.

Miharu Shirumaku

Miharu Shirumaku is a former actress who had a traumatic past due to her mother trying to drown her in a suicide/murder attempt. Since her mother's suicide she's become mute. She's also drowned every man who has fallen in love with her.


Niihari is one of the henchman that works with Tsujido.

Ran Yurigaoka

An esthetician whose Euphoric power enabled him to make the tattoos on his skin a reality.


Hibari Ginza's partner.

Shinsen Tennouzu

Kagura's cruel mother and president of Tennouzu Group.

Tatsumi Saiga

The main protagonist of Speed Grapher. Who has developed the ability to explode whoever and whatever he photographs.


Tsujido is Suitengu's right hand man and accompanies him wherever he goes, often as a personal attendant. His Euphoria power is super enhanced olfaction, allowing to smell his enemies miles away.

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