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The anime adaption of S · A: Special A.


A 24 episode anime adaption of S · A: Special A directed Miyao Yoshikazu and began April 6, 2008 and ran until September 14, 2008.

The series follows Hikari Hanazono, a high school student who holds the second overall position at the elite Hakusen Academy, and her tireless efforts to challenge and hopefully defeat Kei Takishima, the first ranked student and Hikari's rival since childhood, while unaware that Kei is in love with her. Together with the other students of the Special 7 they will learn about love, friendship and family.


Hikari Hanazono (華園 光 Hanazono Hikari)

Voiced by: Yuko Goto (Japanese)

Name: Hikari Hanazono

Rank: 2nd

Hikari never turns down down a challenge and feels Kei is her eternal rival and wants nothing more to beat him in something.

Kei Takishima (滝島 彗 Takishima Kei)

Voiced by: Jun Fukuyama (Japanese)

Name: Kei Takishima

Rank: 1st

Kei Takishima has been in love with Hikari for a long time although she has no clue and he has never lost to her in a challenge.

Jun Yamamoto (山本 純 Yamamoto Jun)

Voiced by: Tsubasa Yonaga (Japanese)

Name: Jun Yamamoto

Rank: 3rd

Jun is the son of a music producer and a talented singer and the younger twin brother of Megumi.

Megumi Yamamoto (山本 芽 Yamamoto Megumi)

Voiced by: Ayahi Takagaki (Japanese)

Name: Megumi Yamamoto

Rank: 4th

Megumi is a talented singer but only from far away as her voice is to powerful she communicates by writing on a bored to save her voice for singing.

Tadashi Karino (狩野 宙 Karino Tadashi)

Voiced by: Hiro Shimono (Japanese)

Name: Tadashi Karino

Rank: 5th

Tadashi's mother is the director of the school. He is a wanderer who regularly disappears on journeys as he loves discovering new places.

Akira Toudou (東堂 明 Tōdō Akira)

Voiced by: Hitomi Nabatame (Japanese)

Name: Akira Toudou

Rank: 6th

Akira is extremly found of Hikari and she likes both guys and girls she doesn't really like Kei though.

Ryuu Tsuji (辻 竜 Tsuji Ryū)

Voiced by: Kazuma Horie (Japanese)

Name: Ryuu Tsuji

Rank: 7th

Ryuu loves animals and regularly brings them to class with him he also takes care of Megumi and Jun when there parents are out of the country he cares for them like family.

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General Information Edit
Name Special A
Name: Supesharu Ē)?
Romaji: (S·A(スペシャル·エー),
Publisher Sentai Filmworks
Start Year 2008
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Aliases S · A: Special A (S·A(スペシャル·エー), S·A (Supesharu Ē)?),
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