Space Runaway Ideon

Space Runaway Ideon is an anime series
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In 2400, the human race and the Buff Clan are at war, but one young pilot believes that peace can be made between the two enemies. Meanwhile humankind has one last line of defense: advanced war machines retrieved from the destroyed colony world Solo, which can be combined into the super-robot Ideon-piloted by Cosmo Yuki, Casha Imhof, Sherril Formosa, and Bes Jordan.  

Mechanical Design

Devised by Yoshiyuki Tomino in large part as a reworking of his popular Gundam, SRI had an even more outrageous main robot. It was formed from three giant trucks (Sol-Amber, Sol-Vainer, and Sol-Conver), each of which could become an independent war machine (Ideo-Delta, Ideo-Nova, or Ideo-Buster) and was armed with massive quantities of weaponry, including a small black-hole cannon. Any fan would call that serious play value, but the merchandising of SRI never took off as Gundam's did. 

The Series

Two films followed in 1982, shown on the same double bill. The first was a digest of episodes 1-32, the second of the finale, with bonus footage from the canceled episodes 40-43. Within five years, the coming of video would make such "movies" much rarer, and less popular with audiences-witness the outrage at the discovery that much of the Evangelion Death and Rebirth double bill was recycled TV footage.
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General Information Edit
Name Space Runaway Ideon
Name: 伝説巨神イデオン
Romaji: Densetsu Kyoshin Ideon
Publisher Sunrise Inc.
Start Year 1980
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Aliases Legendary God-Giant Ideon, The Ideon
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