SPACE BROTHERS #9 -- Watch & Learn

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If I’ve learned anything from doing this column and reviewing all this damn anime, it’s that a show usually establishes its rhythm fairly early on. As such, I can feel confident in predicting that, through on until to the end of its run, SPACE BROTHERS will be a solid, understated, feel-good human drama… that can get a little padded and repetitive. We’re nine episodes in and the choice to stretch this story out over 50 odd episodes is already seeming like a bad idea. If they ever scaled back on the total count, I’m sure this would be one of the first to go.

Look, I like Mutta a lot, and I like how they’re taking time to show how involved and complicated his journey to become an astronaut is. However, it’s one thing to simulate the tedium of going through a bureaucratic selection process; it’s another thing to take that simulation so far that the experience of watching the show starts to feel like you’re actually going through a job application.

I’m pointing my finger at this whole business with Mutta getting so out-of-sorts about Hibito’s will and then his parents just shrugging it off. Realistic? Sure. But it’s a non-event in the plot - - exactly the sort of thing that makes the cut just because there’s so much screen time to fill. We then have his faux-celebration party and the point is that his cohorts suspect his success is due to nepotism… and that’s a point that’s been reaffirmed many, many times already.

Look, don’t get me wrong. SPACE BROTHERS is a great show. But it’s moving about as fast as the Moon in the sky seems to.

Watch this episode, "Individual Resolve” here and decide for yourself, then read my comments on the previous episode here.

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If any thing i have learned from watching anime is not to expect a set pattern.Unlike network tv shows anime in general will throw a curve ball way more often.Gona have to catch up on this show asap.

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Actually the purpose of the party was both that, the continued solidification of his relationship with Kenji, as well as part of Serika's back story.  The entire episode was meant as an exploration of these three characters' motivations to go into space.  Mutta's time on screen was directionless specifically because his motivation to go into space has been directionless.  Not a single moment wasted.
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@Turambar: I agree.

I don't know what Tom is griping about. You don't become an astronaut overnight, and the pacing in this series so far has been near amazing given how much attention is being put into character and story development.

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A little light is shed on the will and the possibility of facing death as an astronaut in a later episode. I think it was important to have introduced Hibito's will into the story at this point, so Mutta knows the information that Hibito already knows and still made the choices that he did, including making out a will.

I for one like following the minutiae of becoming an astronaut since we rarely get something so detailed. I find it much better than how many Shonen Jump anime drag on a fight over several episodes, which is why I eventually stopped trying to watch most of them.

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