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Space Brothers is an anime series in the Uchuu Kyoudai franchise
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Alexander Nikolas Phillipos Medinakalos

A flight instructor for NASA who has similar hair as Mutta. He is generally popular with students.

Amanti Patel

An Indian astronaut candidate, who is also a fortune-teller.

Andy Tyler

An astronaut who co-leads Team 2 for NEEMO training. Due to his large stature, he often hits his head on the frame of doors.

Azuma Takio

An astronaut at JAXA. He is the Japanese astronaut who has spent the most time working in space, having done several missions on the ISS. He has a loving wife and daughter.

Brian Jay

An astronaut who died in an accident upon re-entry where the pod's parachute did not deploy correctly. Good-natured, kind and confident. He is also something of a mentor to Hibito.

Buddy Waters

An American astronaut with NASA who goes on a mission to the Moon with Hibito, Damien, Freddy, Linda and Karen. He likes to work out a lot.

Damien Kweller

An American astronaut with NASA, who goes on a mission to the Moon with Hibito, Freddy, Buddy, Karen and Linda.

Deneil Young

An old man who is a flight instructor for NASA. He taught Hibito how to fly, enjoys chewing bubble gum and going fast.

Ena Kitamura

An aspiring Japanese astronaut candidate.

Freddy Saturn

An astronaut with NASA. He goes to the Moon on a mission with Hibito, Buddy, Damien, Karen and Linda.

Fukuda Naoto

A middle-aged man who worked on rocket development. He is friendly and talkative.

Fumi Aotake

An aspiring astronaut that drops out, who becomes friends with Serika during the examination process. She drops out after the second exam.

Furuya Yasushi

A young man with a quick temper. He is often quick to point out errors and has no problem speaking his mind.

George Love

An astronaut who oversees Team 2 for NEEMO training.


A sea diver who helps oversee the technical operations of Aquarius during NEEMO training with Team 2. He has a deep appreciation for sea life.

Jason Butler

Also known as Chief Butler he is one of the top executives at NASA, who has a large degree of control over which astronauts go on which missions.


Mutta's guide around NASA when he visits. She is very talkative and knowledgeable of NASA and astronaut training.

Kazuya Nitta

Nitta Reiji's younger brother who has become a hikikomori, staying in his room at home with his mother caring for him.

Kenji Makabe

A young man who wishes to become an astronaut. He becomes friends with Mutta during the JAXA examinations. He likes accurately guessing people's age.

Larry Bison

An astronaut co-leading the ASCAN basic training program along with Vincent Bold. He likes orange juice and is generally cheerful.

Linda Cliff

A female American astronaut, part of the 6-man CES-51 crew on a mission to the Moon.

Lowry Cuomo

An American astronaut, who likes Japanese things like sushi. He is Hibito's backup on the upcoming mission to the moon.

Manabu Sawaki

A young man who wants to be an astronaut. Is very athletic.

Masa Hoshika

An employee at JAXA, he initially wanted to become an astronaut but wasn't lucky enough.

Mike Davis

One of Team E's astronaut advisers (the other being Lowry Cuomo) during the desert survival training program for the ASCANs.

Mother Nanba

The mother of Hibito and Mutta. She is very caring and enthusiastic.

Mrs. Smith

A middle-aged woman and Ozzy Smith's husband.

Murasaki Sansei

A Japanese astronaut working with JAXA and NASA who likes to pull pranks on his friends. Generally very upbeat and energetic.

Nanba Father

The father of Hibito and Mutta. He has fun doing various voices.

Nanba Hibito

Nanba is an astronaut and is Mutta's younger brother. He is cheerful and energetic. He has acquired the nickname "Samurai Boy" since working with NASA in America.

Nanba Mutta

Mutta is an engineer and aspiring astronaut. Mutta aims to be a model older brother, thinking "the older brother should always lead." Mutta has excellent short term memory skills.

Nitta Reiji

A young, tall and calm man. He studied sports medicine at the University of Tsukaba. He also plays kendo.

Nitta's mother

Nitta Reiji's mother. She cares about her sons, Reiji and Kazuya. She lives with Kazuya, who has become a recluse.

Ozzy Smith

A middle-aged man who enjoys casual gambling and is friends with Hibito in Houston, and helps walk his dog Apo.

Pico Norton

An engineer working with NASA. He is Team E's engineer support during the CanSat portion of ASCAN training. At first he seems very indifferent and uncouth.

Rick Turner

Childhood friends of Pico and Vincent, he aspired to become a flight director for NASA

Serika Itou

A young female doctor who wants to become an astronaut. She has a large appetite, keeps a diary and is very hard working and enthusiastic.

Shane Magowan

An American astronaut candidate.

Sharon Kaneko

Sharon is a aerospace scientist, who conducts researching using telescopes to look up into space. She is something of a mentor to Mutta and Hibito when they were young.

Shigeo Nasuda

The Director at JAXA. He has a unique way of speaking, and is rather quirky and upbeat.


Tamura works with Sharon using telescopes to look up into space.


A smart young man who aims to become an astronaut. He spends a lot of time playing with his Rubik's cube and usually does not talk unless asked first.


A JAXA staff member who helps manage the third exam. He is rather strict and to the point.

Vincent Bold

An astronaut co-leading the ASCAN basic training program with Larry Bison. He's an uptight, no fuss kind of guy who gets straight to the point.

Yamato Mizoguchi

A young man who wants to become an astronaut.

Yuri Teshima

A young man who aims to be an astronaut. He gets nervous really easily.

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