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alafista tracked down these spiffy Japanese commercials for Cup Noodle featuring "Koro Cha." I can't for the life of me figure out what the heck that means, but it appears to be the theme for a series of commercials, since both a standard and Curry flavor have ads. Anyway, the ads also feature SMAP's Takuya Kimura, and the top one also offers up some alternatives to "Koro Cha," including "Goro-chan" and "Golgo-chan." The second one is a Bollywood riff that's just kinad cute.
These get extra funny when you realize that Kimura is also the guy who's supposedly been tapped to star in the live-action Space Cruiser Yamato flick. Snicker, snicker.
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It says right in the ad if you listen: 
"Koro ttoshita cha-shuu - Korocha" 
‚ÄĚKoro tto" means "in a jiffy" or "instantly"... so a translation would be "instant pork slice - insta-slice". Therefore, Korocha = Instaslice.
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I seem to remember liking those noodles.
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LOL!  I'm watching him in his old show Hero right now.  He cracks me up.
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I recall seeing the second video on Japan Probe; the gloss there was that coro cha referred to 'little cubes of meat', something which really should have an analog in English. 
& Cup o' Noodle with meat (granted it's not much meat, but still) is a nutritional boon to otaku on both sides of the Pacific.
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