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The survivors of an alien race set out in search of an uninhabited planet where their civilization can be rebuilt. During the voyage, a single ship piloted by one little alien leaves the convoy and lands on Earth. Professor Tatsunoko of the Tatsunoko Institute discovers what he thinks is a giant shell on the sea bed and opens it to find the childlike pilot. A creature from planet Parum, "Ace" can use "space fuse" energy to perform amazing feats of strength and can fly through the air on a silver ring. With the professor's daughter Asari (Ginger), cub reporter Yadokari (Flash Scoop), and Ebo (Ibo) the robot dog, Space Ace fights off alien monsters and invaders by using a high-energy food supply maintained by Asari and stored in Ebo's flip-top nose. The Tatsunoko Studio's first production, planned as an answer to Osamu Tezuka's Astro Boy. SA featured Rei Osumi as a "science fiction adviser"-the author took the studio's money in return for such suggestions as shooting one's way out of trouble with a "platina ray." Broadcast on Australian TV; the first episode was remade in color in an unsuccessful attempt to gain a U.S. sale. Not to be confused with the American animation by Don Bluth for the wholly unconnected Space Ace game.

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General Information Edit
Name Space Ace
Romaji: Uchu no Ace
Publisher ?
Start Year 1965
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Aliases Ring-O
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