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The human colony world of Grolier is attacked by the savage alien Zor. Jeanne Francaix, hotheaded commander of the 15th Squadron of the Southern Cross army, is on the front line. Her close friend Bowie Emerson, a passionate music lover, is one of her troop, and when he is taken prisoner by the Zor, he falls in love with alien singer Musika. Believing that most of the Zor don't want war but are being forced into it by their commanders, he escapes, promising Musika that he will come back for her. Meanwhile Jeanne has fallen in love with Seifrietti Weisse, an enemy pilot who has been captured in battle and lost his memory. She convinces him that he should join the human side and enlists him in her squadron despite the protests of her commander, who is not convinced by his courage and success in battle. The lovers find new hope in a hidden outcrop of beautiful, thriving flowers uncontaminated by the devastation that both races have wrought. They also learn that the leaders of Zor are planning the total extinction of humanity. Seifrietti's memory returns, and he decides to return to the Zor base alone and eliminate the leaders in the hope that his people can live in peace with humans and that their world can survive.

SC was only one of a rich crop of robot series from this period, and not the most successful, but it achieved fame in the West when it became part of Robotech, with changes to character names and relationships made to support the new continuity. Jeanne became Dana, half-breed daughter of Max and Miriya Sterling from the Macross Saga segment. It would be more than a decade before Max and Miriya's "real" daughter, Mylene Jenius, took to the screen in Macross 7. The rewrite also brought a different kind of ecological emphasis. Carl Macek's SC removed one of Grolier's moons in order to claim the story was set on a polluted Earth: as in Gunbuster, it is humans, not aliens who now present the greatest threat to the environment. Humanity is presented as a race of shortsighted idiots whose fight for survival obscures the fact that they have wrecked their own planet, forcing other species into extinction just as the Zor leaders seek to wipe them out.

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General Information Edit
Name Southern Cross
Romaji: Chojiku Kitai Southern Cross
Publisher ?
Start Year 1984
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Aliases Superdimensional Cavalry Southern Cross
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