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Could Captain Aizen tank a hit from the Sokyoku? just woundering as he appears to be leagues above Byuakua who lost to ichigo (but put up one hell of a fight) and ichigo was down in 2 hits if i remmeber correctly and that was'ent even half the power of what Aizen can dish out, yet Ichigo manage to stop the Sokyoku from killing Rukia though he dident take a hit from it but could Aizen tank it?
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Hmm, good question.  My memory is foggy but the S-thing burns away one's soul doesn't it?  There was never a deep explanation of how it did that or if there were any limits or restrictions on it so I lean towards a no if we're talking about a non-Hougyoku Aizen and an ehh, who knows if it's Hougyoku Aizen.
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I have'ent even gotten that far into the seirse lol just started the bount arc, dont spoiler any thing for me though but anyways that seems to make sense but i wouldent be that surprised if he survived it anyway if it was used on him.
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