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Sound of the Sky is an anime series in the So Ra No Wo To franchise
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Minor Review: Sora no Woto Reviewed by Ragnorak on April 29, 2010. Ragnorak has written 1 review. His/her last review was for Sound of the Sky. 0 out of 2 users recommend his reviews. 0 out of 2 users found this review helpful.
 Just finished watching the series and I gotta say it was actually pretty good. I enjoyed the characters and I find the plot to be pretty interesting. The concept of the series was an interesting idea, but originally I saw it as just a less fantasy-esque copy of Strike Witches, but after watching a few episodes I saw it as something more. It was still a Strike Witches-esque story with Strike Witches-esque characters (okay really the moe girls fighting war is the main connection but still, the characters are similar.) but at the same time something new shown through, an interesting story that could hold its own. I would have liked to see more in depth character study as an aspect of war effecting these young women, as well as a more diverse cast instead of just the archetypes that we all know so well. The art was very well done and had some of the most breathtaking scenes I had seen in an anime for a while. Overall I liked the series and recommend it to anyone who likes similar series. 
Characters: 2.5/5 
Plot: 3.5/5
Art: 5/5
Production (By this I mean direction and any technical aspects like sound editing or Voice Acting): 4/5
Overall: 4/5 
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