Soul Sacrifice

Soul Sacrifice is a anime/manga character in the JoJo's Bizarre adventures franchise
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He's a Stand user whose Stand is named Ebony Devil.


Prior to his alliance with DIO, Soul Sacrifice was an accomplished assassin who had work with numerous organizations such as armies, governments and Mafia groups. Prior to the Joestar group stay in the hotel, he hid himself in the fridge inside Polnareff’s room in order to ambush him.


Soul Sacrifice was created by Hirohiko Araki, the author and illustrator of series, as a minor antagonist of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure. His romanized name, Devo, is a reference to an American band called Devo that was found in 1972. His international name is a reference to 1969 instrumental Soul Sacrifice by the band Santana.

Character Evolution


Soul Sacrifice is a tall Native American man with dark skin and long dark hair in a braid. His body is covered with countless scars made by letting his targets hit him. He is shown to wear a green coat with torn sleeves, green bracers, blue pants and a pair of dark shoes.


Soul Sacrifice is shown to be extremely sadomasochistic and psychotic through his enjoyment of taking Silver Chariot’s attacking and slowly attacking him. He also seems to enjoy killing his targets through brutal, slow and painful methods.

Story Arcs

Stardust Crusaders

Upon arriving into his hotel room on Singapore, Polnareff notices that the drinks are mysteriously out of the fridge. He then calls out Soul Sacrifice. They both call forth their stands but Polnareff seemingly defeats him effortlessly. However, Soul Sacrifice reveals that his Stand Ebony Devil works after his opponent injures him and he falls backwards off the balcony in order to hide out in the bathrooms.

Soul Sacrifice uses the doll he possessed to cut Polnareff with a razor blade as he looked for where his body fell. He then hides Polnareff’s keys under his bed in order to lure him into a trap. As Polnareff goes under the bed, he uses the lamp cords to pin him to the bed, sprays shampoo in his eyes and cut the legs of the bed with a saw. The doll then kills the room service attendant as he enters the room who tried to give Polnareff the medical supplies he ordered and closed the door. He quickly begins to slash at Polnareff with a blade while taking advantage of his inability to see on top of the bed.

He then decides to kill Polnareff by spilling the drinks onto the floor and bed and electrocuting him with a hairdryer. Before the hairdryer could reach the top of the bed, Polnareff through the hairdryer and the doll by using the mirror he had previously broken to see them. As he tries to run away, Polnareff cuts off both of his legs and questions himm about the man with two right hands. He replies by saying that Stand users do not give out each other’s weakness and that the group’s weaknesses are all known. Polnareff gives him one last chance to attack him but the doll is quickly slashed a part by Silver Chariot causing Soul Sacrifice to die. A hotel employee then finds his body in a bathroom stall.

Powers and Abilities


Ebony Devil

Destructive PowerD
Developmental PotentialB


While bound to Soul Sacrifice, it appears as a wooden carving with two horns, two green orbs on each side of its face in place of eyes and one on the forehead. It also has two discs on its chest and a dagger. It then binds to a voodoo doll with yellow clothes and hat with a spear on its back. The design of Ebony Devil is based ancient Sardinian dolls known as "bronzetti" specifically the one known as the Warrior while its name comes from the Tarot card the Devil. The theme of the stand is inspired by the horror Child’s Play.


  • Binding- After Soul Sacrifice is injured by a target, Ebony Devil binds itself to a nearby object such as a doll. The object then attacks the foe depending on the amount of hatred the target’s attacks had. The attacks then become progressively worse until the target is caused enough misfortune and then killed.

Other Media

Video Games

  • Jojo's Bizarre Adventure (Enemy) on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System
  • Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Heritage for the Future (Playable) on the PlayStation, Sega Dreamcast and Arcade
  • Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Shooters (Playable) on IOS/Android
General Information Edit
Name: Soul Sacrifice
Name: 呪いのデーボ
Gender: Male
1st manga book: JoJo's Bizarre Adventure #15
1st anime episode: Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders #8
1st anime movie:
Aliases Devo the Cursed
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