Soul Mata Cemetery (Dub: One, Two, Three, Draw)

Soul Mata Cemetery (Dub: One, Two, Three, Draw) is an anime episode of Shaman King that was released on 11/14/2001

Soul Mata Cemetery - ソウル摩多霊園 (Sōru Mata Reien)

Released on 11-14-2001

Dub: One, Two, Three, Draw

Released on 3- 24- 2004.

Ren summons his horse and uses a black memorial tablet to summon a bason's horse's ghost to integrate to his white horse.
Ren's father asks Jun why Ren will lose. Jun answers that Yoh has a special power that is opposite of Ren's. Ren's sadness causes him to destroy everything.
Ren's father says he is sad and wants his zombie puppets to tie her. Jun reacts and summons Pailong, but Ren's father easily knocks out Pailong.
Yoh tells Ren that he lost because Yoh pushes himself too much that he is not capable of. Yoh tells Ren he does not bite off more than they can chew. The two shamans put every furyoko/mana into their oversouls and clash one last time.
After that final blow, Ren tells Yoh he has lost and why he has lost. Ren cannot crush the wind with brute force. However, Yoh tells Ren he has lost his all of his furyoko. Silva who watches the whole match tells them that the great spirit lets them pass.
Yoh tells Ren he can come with them for dinner since this is a need for celebration.
During dinner, Horohoro makes fun of Ren and the two get into a fight. After dinner, Manta, Yoh, and Horohoro decides to take a bath together, but Ren is not coming. The three gang up on Ren and stripped him. The night ends with everyone sleeping and Ren gets ready to leave, but Yoh wants to talk to him. Ren tells Yoh he has something to do and he will beat Yoh one day. As Yoh heads back to bed, Anna tells Yoh congratulations.
Meanwhile, Ren is on a train with Bason. Ren talks to Bason and tells what he has learn that not all humans are dirty. He has change his goal to change the world where hatred creates hatred, but first he must beat his father. 
In China, Ren comes home and easily wipes out the zombie army. Ren comes inside his home only to see his father smiling on him. Back to Japan, Yoh, Anna, and Horohoro (everyone else) receive a bad feeling and Bason tells Yoh, Ren is in trouble.

Manga and anime differences

  1.  No panda was killed in this episode because in the manga, (when Jun talks with her dad before Ren's fight begin) Jun's dad crushes his panda to death.
  2. In the manga, after Ren and Yoh has made it through the preliminaries, the shamans head over to Mata Hall to meet the other shamans because Goldva and the Patch tells them about the next rounds in the Shaman King Fight
  3. Ryu did not appear during dinner in the anime. Manga?
  4. Ryu should appear because (he helps Yoh in the manga) the team goes to China to help Ren
  5. Unlike the manga, Ren meets his dad in the tower and also, Pailong beats up Ren while his dad is standing by. In the manga, Ren meets his dad outside and sees Pailong dismembered and Jun beaten up.
  6. Unlike the manga, Ren did not eat a sweet bun given by a nice elderly woman
  7. Unlike the anime, in the manga, everyone sees Ren leaving early.
  8. Censorship both sub and dub: Zombies die and become sand and disintegrate. In the manga, the shamans cut and dismember zombies.

Characters & Voice Actors

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Hiroyuki Takei Writer Creator of the Shaman King manga. Currently he teamed up with Stan Lee to create a new manga called Ultimo.


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