Soul Eater Characters

Soul Eater is an manga series in the Soul Eater franchise
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Pot of Thunder

The sister of Pot of Fire, both of them are the weapon partners of Kilik Lunge and even though despite her young age she and her brother have helped him numerous times. She can transform into a giant glove that emits lightning.

Rachel Boyd

A little girl from Death City who has her body taken over by Medusa.


Crona's demon sword partner who is basically Crona's blood and is able to shapeshift into many weapons to protect his master.


One of the employees of Death City's resident cabaret club, Chupa‚ô°Cabra's. She is a witch along with her friend Arisa.


Former Great Old One and the Personification of Order, Lord Death leads the DWMA training school for meisters and weapons.

Sid Barett

Sid Barett is a character in Soul Eater. A teacher at DWMA, he is a zombie who specializes in covert ops, and uses the knife weapon Nygus.

Soul Eater Evans

One of the main characters of Soul Eater, Soul Eater Evans, more commonly referred to simply as Soul, is a scythe weapon, and a student at Shibusen.

Spirit Albarn

One of the Death Scythes, Shinigami-sama's personal weapons, in Soul Eater. He is also the father of Maka Albarn.

Tezca Tlipoca

The Death Scythe in charge of Shibusen's South America department. He wears a giant bear head all the time and he apparently can understand his partner, a monkey named Enrique.

The Black Mass

The Black Mass is a Great Old One in the Soul Eater series he was the one gave Kid and Black Star the madness.

The Clown

The Clown/clowns is from the Eibon to keep the magic tool safe

The Flying Dutchman

A ghost in soul Eater.

The Index

The Index is the Intelligence and Physical embodiment of the Book of Eibon as well as the master and creator of Noah.

The Purple-Dyed Clown

A inferior clown created by Medusa used as an effective and portable counter to the effects of madness.

Tsar Pushka

A death scythe from Russia

Tsubaki Nakatsukasa

She is a co-operative, easygoing character and well suited to be Black Star's partner in the show Soul Eater.


Vajra is Asura's weapon partner before he was eaten.

Wes Evans

Wes Evans is Soul's older brother and a violinist.

White Rabbit

One of the Elite clowns that resides on the moon with the Kishin and Justin Law. White Rabbit has the ability to phase through walls.

Yumi Azusa

Yumi is a character in Soul Eater. She is one of the Death Scythes, her weapon form being a crossbow/rifle weapon, specializing in long range espionage.


The meister of West Asia's Death Scythe

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