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Soul Eater is an anime series in the Soul Eater franchise
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JasonBog Soul Eater Complete Series review

If being such a big fan of the shonen genre of anime is like being in a relationship built around patience and tolerance, then Soul Eater is (pun intended) like my soul mate. When Naruto went into an eighty-episode filler nightmare before Shippuden, I grinned and hoped for the best. ...

Reviewed by JasonBog on July 6, 2010
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Fanboy A Matter of the Soul

      Below a grinning, bloody moon, on darkened city streets, a battle is about to take place. On one side-infamous serial killer Jack the Ripper, ready to tear into the meddling fools who have cost him  his latest kill. This is not the Jack we know however. In this world, ...

Reviewed by Fanboy on Dec. 24, 2009
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thekokapelli What?? Tim Burton directed a hip-hop video?

Soul Eater’ s plot is nothing special.   It’s standard, old-school shonen all around.   A school for ninjas with magical powers? Check.   Eccentric but powerful teachers? Check.    The main protagonists are inexplicably experienced warriors at age fifteen? You’re SWIMMING in them!   However, its tone is certainly ...

Reviewed by thekokapelli on June 18, 2011
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Dream A rather subpar shounen battle anime.

Soul Eater is another in a long line of shounen battle anime with its premise revolving around a school called Shibusen that teaches shinigami and their weapon partners that can go in and out of weapon form in hunting evil humans and witches. Three duos/ trios of students are focused ...

Reviewed by Dream on Oct. 19, 2014
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bleach_101 One of the Best Animes ever

I think Soul Eater is on of the best animes I have ever watched because it has a really good plot and I would love to go to a school full of nija's and other kinds of people where they learn to use wepons that is one of the best ...

Reviewed by bleach_101 on June 22, 2011
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gamebelongtous Why are their noses all so wrong!

Soul eater volume 4, covers episodes 39 - 51 It’s the first thing that strikes me every time I start to watch an episode of soul eater, Its endlessly distracting that their noses are all way high up in the middle of their faces. I know it makes me sound ...

Reviewed by gamebelongtous on Feb. 19, 2011
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MrASSH0LE Why Soul Eater 's anime is overrated

Many people have asked me what type of anime do I like the most.My answer is that I don't have a type.Now are there types that I tend to avoid?Yes,of course.I try to avoid slices of life ,shoujo and the typical shounen.I guess the later is why I have a ...

Reviewed by MrASSH0LE on Aug. 21, 2011
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secretzfan Your soul is mine!- Bleach with better characters! + Naruto refs.

First ImpressionsA series with a female lead is really rare in shonen anime, so why does a series like this that can easily be conseired a super shonen have a female leadLater ImpressionsStory:The grim reaper has created a school called the DWMA, and small advanced group of teen fighters are ...

Reviewed by secretzfan on Feb. 17, 2013
JaniselleVarela Soul Eater

In the begging Maka Albarn and Evans needed 1 more soul a witches soul but by mistake they took a cat who had powers they thought she was a witch when they ate her soul they lost all the souls they collected so they had to try and collect them ...

Reviewed by JaniselleVarela on Jan. 15, 2012
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