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FUNimation has announced the final few lead cast members on the official Soul Eater website, and it should surprise no one that Maka is being played by FUNi favorite Laura Bailey. Death (I assume they mean Shinigami-sama) will be played by John Swasey, who played Gendo in Evangelion 1.0 You Are (Not) Alone and Huang in Darker than Black. And Soul Eater himself? The one, the only... Micah Solusod!

Okay, so maybe you don't know Micah yet...but dub fans will, since Soul Eater's such a don't-miss show for so many. Micah is also playing Malek, one of the leads of Blassreiter, but you won't have heard that yet-- the first part doesn't come out until October 20th.

So who is this bright new star? Well, he Tweets, and he also has a nice (and anime-themed) website (hosted by fellow FUNimation voice actress Apphia Yu). He's a Hawaii native who's nejoying his time in Texas who likes the ocean and dislikes...perverts.

Well, Micah, you might have a tough time here in the anime industry, but best of luck to you!
EDIT: Oh yeah, you might want the full cast list, eh?
  • Death Scythe - Vic Mignogna
  • Death the Kid - Todd Haberkorn
  • Patty - Chearmi Leigh
  • Liz - Jamie Marchi
  • Franken Stein - Chuck Huber
  • Black Star - Brittney Karbowski
  • Tsubaki - Monica Rial
  • Death - John Swasey
  • Maka - Laura Bailey
  • Soul Eater Evans - Micah Solusod
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The first four dubbed episodes of Blassreiter are on Funimation's video portal so those who are interested won't have to wait to sample that show's English voice cast in that. 

I like seeing some names I'm not familiar with in dub cast lists because there are a few VAs that I'm tired of seeing consistently appear. (In this case, the new ones to me are Chearmi Leigh, Jamie Marchi, and Solusod.)
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Coolness! I'm down with a neub for a lead!
Also Maka being done by Laura Bailey.... AWESOME!
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