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Soul Eater is an anime series in the Soul Eater franchise
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Angela Leon

A witch in the anime / manga Soul Eater. Mifune, her guardian, protects her against those who want to claim her soul. She is still very young and not skilled at using magic.


A character from the anime / manga Soul Eater. One of the Main antagonists in the story, who is known as "The Heretic Witch".


One of the employees of Death City's resident cabaret club, Chupa♡Cabra's. She is a witch along with her friend Risa.


The first Kishin who was originally a member of Shinigami's "Eight Powerful Warriors". He was insane for secretly eating souls of people not listed and eventually became the powerful Kishin, who was sealed under Death City until he escaped.He is the main villain of Soul Eater.

Black Star

Black Star is one of the main characters of Soul Eater. He is student as Shibusen, and uses the demonic ninja weapon Tsubaki.


One of the characters in Soul Eater. Blair is a cat with a strong aptitude for magic, which gets her confused as a witch.


Crona is Medusa's child and hope to create a new Kishin, and wields the black blood weapon (usually in sword form) Ragnarok.

Death The Kid

Death the Kid is son of Shinigami-Sama and one of three main characters of the anime series, Soul Eater.


A great old one in the Soul Eater series.

Eruka Frog

A cowardly witch who works for Medusa Gorgon, and is a minor antagonist in the Soul Eater franchise. Like most witches in the series, Eruka also has an affinity for a specific animal, hers being a frog.


The legendary partner who has a long history. Able to connect with any user. He goes unused because no one can stand his rules or his obnoxious personality.

Fisher King

A member of Arachnohobia that Kid encounters on a the Runaway Express.

Franken Stein

A character in Soul Eater. He is one of the strongest technicians at Shibusen, and was Spirit's technician.


A werewolf who was in prison for 200 years for ripping out the head Witch's eye, and claiming it for himself.


Giriko is a villian in Soul Eater. He is a chainsaw weapon without a meister, and has a rivalry with Justin Law


A old lady in Soul eater with incredible Strength.

Harvar D. Eclair

Harvar is a supporting character in Soul Eater. He is Ox Ford's lightning spear weapon, and makes few appearences outside of spear form.


a character in Soul eater that appeared in one special chapter in the manga.

Jacqueline O. Lantern Dupré

Jacqueline is a supporting character in Soul Eater. She is Kim's lantern weapon, and makes few appearances outside of lantern form.

Joe Buttataki

The coffee loving member of Shibusen's Internal Affairs department. He is known as being a human lie detector because of his soul perception abilities.

Justin Law

A Death Scythe in Soul Eater who is a holy man that is always listening to loud music and can't hear people with his headphones on. His body is capable of transforming into a Guillotine.He was corrupted by Asura's madness and now serves him.


The Mother of Maka and ex wife of Spirit.She has yet to be seen

Kilik Lunge

Kilik is a supporting character in Soul Eater. He is considered to be one of the strongest meisters in Shibusen, and fights with his twin pots of fire and thunder, which resemble gloves.

Kim Diehl

Kim is a supporting character in Soul Eater. She is the object of Ox Ford's affections, but could care less about him. She uses the lamp weapon Jacqueline.

Little Demon

Little Demon is the personification of Soul's insanity brought on by the Black Blood he was infected with.

Liz Thompson

A pistol type weapon from Soul Eater. A more serious and level headed personality then her sister Patty. She is wielded by Death the Kid.


The Leader of the witches in Soul Eater. Her powers are at the level of Shinigami-sama. Her left eye is missing due to Free taking it and making it his.

Maka Albarn

Maka is Soul Eater Evans' partner and one of the protagonists of Soul Eater.

Marie Mjolnir

The Death Scythe formerly in charge of Oceania.


Tsubaki's older brother.

Medusa Gorgon

Medusa is one of the main villains in Soul Eater. She is a witch who seeks the revival of the Kishin.


Mifune is a supporting character in Soul Eater, normally playing the part of a villian. He is a "strong soul" samurai who has a love for children.

Mira Naigus

Mira Naigus is the Demon Weapon partner to Sid Barrets partner and took on the role of DWMA. She transforms into a combat knife.


A witch who is really a group of mice that can fuse into one.


A servant of Arachne, he is a vampiric character who has the power to transform back to how his body looked when he was younger and stronger.

Ox Ford

Ox Ford is a supporting character in Soul Eater. He is generally considered Maka's rival academically, and fights with his lightning spear weapon Harvar.

Patty Thompson

A pistol type weapon from Soul Eater. Somewhat dim witted and tends to giggle a lot. Wielded by Death the Kid, along with her sister Liz.

Pot of Fire

The brother of Pot of Lightning, he and his sister, while very young, are the weapon partners of Kilik Lunge. They transform into giant gloves and he has the power to emit fire from his glove form.

Pot of Thunder

The sister of Pot of Fire, both of them are the weapon partners of Kilik Lunge and even though despite her young age she and her brother have helped him numerous times. She can transform into a giant glove that emits lightning.

Rachel Boyd

A little girl from Death City who has her body taken over by Medusa.


Crona's demon sword partner who is basically Crona's blood and is able to shapeshift into many weapons to protect his master.


One of the employees of Death City's resident cabaret club, Chupa♡Cabra's. She is a witch along with her friend Arisa.


Former Great Old One and the Personification of Order, Lord Death leads the DWMA training school for meisters and weapons.

Sid Barett

Sid Barett is a character in Soul Eater. A teacher at DWMA, he is a zombie who specializes in covert ops, and uses the knife weapon Nygus.

Soul Eater Evans

One of the main characters of Soul Eater, Soul Eater Evans, more commonly referred to simply as Soul, is a scythe weapon, and a student at Shibusen.

Spirit Albarn

One of the Death Scythes, Shinigami-sama's personal weapons, in Soul Eater. He is also the father of Maka Albarn.

The Black Mass

The Black Mass is a Great Old One in the Soul Eater series he was the one gave Kid and Black Star the madness.

The Clown

The Clown/clowns is from the Eibon to keep the magic tool safe

The Flying Dutchman

A ghost in soul Eater.

Tsubaki Nakatsukasa

She is a co-operative, easygoing character and well suited to be Black Star's partner in the show Soul Eater.

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