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Soul Eater is the anime adaptation of the manga by the same name. It follows the adventures of the students at Shibusen, school for meisters and weapons, as they fight to keep the kishin, evil demon gods, from reviving.


From left to right: Death the Kid, Maka Albarn, and Black Star.
From left to right: Death the Kid, Maka Albarn, and Black Star.

Soul Eater is an anime based on the manga by Atsushi Okhubo. The anime began airing on April 7th, 2008 which consists of only 51 episodes. It was directed by Takuya Igarashi and produced by Bones, Aniplex, Dentsu, Media Factory and TV Tokyo, with Bones and Aniplex being responsible for the animation and music respectively. Furthermore, it aired in Japan on TV Tokyo in two different versions: the regular version and the late night version, with special footage being added before and after commercial breaks. As of September 30th, 2010, the anime is being rebroadcast by TV Tokyo under the title Soul Eater: Repeat Show ( ソウルイーター リピートショー , Sōru Ītā Ripīto Shō) which features new opening and ending themes.

The anime made its debut in North America when it first aired on the FUNimation channel on September 6, 2010. It also aired in other countries such as Portugal, where MTV Portugal premiered Soul Eater on February 10, 2010, and the Philippines on Hero TV which lasted from April to June 2010.

Story of Soul Eater

It follows the adventures of Maka Albarn and her scythe weapon Soul Eater Evans (known as just Soul), Black Star and his demon ninja weapon Tsubaki, and Death the Kid and his twin gun weapons Liz and Patti Thompson. Being students at Shibusen, a school founded by Shinigami-sama to train meisters and weapons, they are in a constant struggle with the powers of evil. The goal of each meister/weapon team is to acquire 99 kishin eggs (evil souls) and 1 witch's soul. Upon fulfilling these requirements, the weapon is transformed into a Death Scythe, one of Shinigami-sama's personal weapons. Not too long into the anime/manga, the story diverges from the collection formula it lays out in the first few episodes, rather opting to focus on the revival of the Kishin, and Shibusen's struggle against it.


Main Characters

One of the main elements of Soul Eater is the strange quirks each of the characters possess:

Maka Albarn

Maka is a book worm who has a strong distaste for her father. She is very strong-willed and never gives up, she has a strong positive attitude and dislikes stupidity.

Soul Eater Evans (a.k.a. Soul)

Soul has a "cool guy" complex, always trying to take the path that makes him the coolest.

Black Star

Black Star views himself as a god, and needs to make his presence known wherever he goes, though he is an assassin.

Tsubaki Nakatsukasa

Tsubaki is the only person who can put up with Black Star as she has a very nurturing personality. Out of all the main characters, Tsubaki is easily the most passive. She is often said to be the "perfect match" for Black Star's soul.

Death The Kid

Death the Kid is obsessed with symmetry to the point that he's incapacitated if he feels something is uneven. He often goes into depressive states where he can't even physically move because of his mental weakness.

Liz Thompson

Liz is somewhat of a "pretty girl", always worrying about her appearance

Patty Thompson

Patty is, for a lack of a better word, a dunce. She is the more light-hearted of her team, and loves to make others laugh. She has a very easy sense of humor, and laughs all the time herself.

Another strong element of the anime is the connection of character names to historical people or names famous in the gothic tradition. Some examples are, Jack the Ripper, Al Capone, Frank N. Stein, Evil Priest Rasputin, Master Theif Lupin, Mifune, etc.

Story Arcs

Theme Songs


Opening #Song TitleCredit/PerformerEpisode Run
Opening 1"resonance"Performed by: T.M.Revolution1-30
Opening 2"PAPERMOON"Performed by: Tommy heavenly631-
Opening 3"Counter Identity"Performed by: Unison Square Garden


Ending NumberSong TitleCredit/PerformerEpisode 1
Ending 1"I Wanna Be"Performed by: STANCE PUNKS1-13
Ending 2"Style"Performed by: Kana Nishino14-26
Ending 3"Bakusou Yumeuta"Performed by: Diggy-MO'27-39
Ending 4"STRENGTH"Performed by: Abingdon Boys School40
Ending 5"I Wanna Be"Performed by: STANCE PUNKS
Ending 6"Ao no Kaori (碧の香り)"Performed by: Yui Makino

Licensed by FUNimation

Season/Ep# Name Airdate
1 - 31
Drying Happiness: To Whom do you Shed Tears in the Moonlight Shine?
1 - 30
Red Hot's Wildly Run Special Express! The Demon Tool Left Behind by the Great Demon Guru?
1 - 29
Medusa's Revival! Spider and Snake, Fate's Reunion?
1 - 28
Sword Saint Rises: A Sweet or a Salty Taste?
1 - 27
800 Years of Bloodlust-Advent of the Heretic Witch?
1 - 26
The Exciting and Embarassing Trial Enrollment-The DWMA New Lifestyle Support Fair is Open?
1 - 25
The Death Scythes Convene-Stop Dad's Staff Reassignment?
1 - 24
Battle of the gods -Death City on the Verge of Collapse?
1 - 23
Dead or alive! 〜The brink between resurrection and spellbound?〜
1 - 22
Seal's shrine 〜The trap left by the immortal man?〜
1 - 21
Reach, soul of mine 〜The thirst of the heart inside unbereable solitude?〜
1 - 20
The resonance battle of black blood 〜Facing fear, the small soul's big struggle?〜
1 - 19
Underground battle begins 〜Bust through Medusa's Vector Arrow?〜
1 - 18
The Eve Party Nightmare - And so the Curtain Rises?
1 - 17
Legend of the Holy Sword 2 - Wanna Go Drinking, Gambling, and Playing?
1 - 16
Clash on the Ghost Ship! ~ A Hell Inside My Head!
1 - 15
Black Dragon that Eats Souls~Cowardly Liz and Her Pleasant Companions?~
1 - 14
The Super Written Exam – Heart-Pounding, Reeling, and Restless. You're Kidding!?
1 - 13
Man's Demon Eyes〜 Soul and Maka, the Gap of the Soul's Wavelength?〜
1 - 12
Courage that is not Lost to Fear〜Maka=Albarn's One Large Determination?〜

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Series Credits
Person Name Episode Count
Atsushi Ohkubo
Justin Cook
Zach Bolton
John Burgmeier
Gen Fukunaga
Carly Hunter
Kunihiko Ikuhara
Satoshi Koike

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Name Soul Eater
Name: ソウルイーター
Romaji: Souru Iitaa
Publisher BONES
Start Year 2008
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