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Who's the weapon and who's the miester. Kind of like asking the old pitcher/catcher question.
Who's the weapon and who's the miester. Kind of like asking the old pitcher/catcher question.

Maybe I understand the underlying principle of why anime uses nosebleeds as euphemisms for arousal. The blood’s swelling so much, so it’s going to start spraying out of somewhere, right? That seems like such an involved gag, though. It’s like a joke a bio teacher would crack. I don’t think any guy who’s ever had a boner, anywhere, has worried about what was going on with his nose at the time.

Since this show was made by the same folks behind FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST, I must comment that the humor’s better paced and balance than FMA’s almost turrets syndrome approach to comic relief. I’m surprised to even say that I liked the chibi stuff. In exchange, you might be that you can’t take the serious stuff as seriously, though. C’mon… they foil the zombie by timing his breathing? Even if you can make the argument that a zombie must be able to breath to be able to groan and snarl, that seems to contradict one of the fundamental qualities of the undead. I guess if a zombie’s got corn-rows, then that isn’t the only thing that differentiates him from the rest of the horde.

Maybe it was just a mistake for the show to step into the “famous monsters” quagmire. They’re already making lame Frankenstein puns!

Any time a story’s characterS have to start treating an intangible concepts like unity like they’re something tangible, I always wonder whether there’s a points system for that kind of thing. When the meisters and their weapons are told to be in “better harmony” (or something like that,) I start to think that their might’ve actually been more value to that ballet-training scene in EVANGELION. Perhaps it was a little ridiculous, but at least it was visual.

We’ve come to the early end of this journey with SOUL EATER. To be honest, my enthusiasm’s waned just a little now that we’ve gotten the actual plot rolling. Maybe the novelty of discovering this absurdity wore off a little? At least I'll be able to recognize which characters kids are copslaying as when I'm at AX2011 next month.

Watch this episode "Engage the Witch Hunter! A Remedial Lesson in the Graveyard?" below, decide for yourself and then read my comments on the previous episode here.

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Fullmetal Alchemist problem is that they were being a bit too literal in the adaptation of the original manga. It works in the manga, but the anime takes such a much more serious tone. It would break the tension. I think a series such as Soul Eater gets a break, because of just how out there the world is. The moon and the sun in this world laugh, a cat can change into a busty vixen, and humans change into weapons.

The anime are from the same companies, but the manga's original story are two different writers. I watch this on HULU. I much more prefer the subtitles. I really like the voice of Maka, and there is a small touch in Sid that you miss when translated. Often times in Japanese, a statement is ended with "desu" (pronounced as des). They way Sid is saying it in this episode, he's pronouncing "desu" as if he's saying "death".

Next episode brings in Stein. He's such a cool character. Certainly one of my favorites from this series. Though, I've noticed a small issue, FUNimation has removed Soul Eater from a lot of their sources. Both youtube and HULU only have the first four episodes.

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Warned you Tom, this falls away from a really good setup.    
 Teamwork/Friendship is a huge shonen theme so its one way to identify something as shonen. 
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@FoxxFireArt said:
Though, I've noticed a small issue, FUNimation has removed Soul Eater from a lot of their sources. Both youtube and HULU only have the first four episodes.
The blue ray version just came out.
Anyway I suggest watching the rest on netflix or something, if only for the increased tim burton influence.
I've just finished the series my self, where should i start in the manga
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It realy is too bad you'r stopping just before meeting Stien.  He's a great character and a good example of some the more wild swings in tone, from the goofy and silly to the supprisingly creepy and serious.
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It's an old Japanese wive's tale that thinking dirty thoughts is what causes nosebleeds, not sure where it started.

Minor note, it's Tourette's syndrome.

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