Souichirou Mikuni

Souichirou Mikuni is a anime/manga character
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Soichiro Mikuni is the antagonist of the C - Control anime. Though he owns three Assets, he seems to enjoy taking Q on 'dates'.


When Mikuni was younger, he was a member of a band but, as if fate had conspired against him, his band split up just before they signed a label. Then, through a seemingly random yet unfortunate series of events, he felt he was left

Mikuni at Takako's bedside.
Mikuni at Takako's bedside.

with no other choice than to work for his father's company, but only after his younger sister, Takako, was left comatose due to circumstances outside his control. Masakaki then appeared to him, with a proposition to join the Financial District. Mikuni accepted and is currently head of the Starling Guild and has three assets: Q, Kakazuzu, and Aurora.

Character Evolution

At the start of the anime Mikuni is very powerful within the District, his ideology seems justifiable, as the show continues his motives become clearly selfish.

Mikuni wins the first battle in the anime.
Mikuni wins the first battle in the anime.

His strength in battle is inexplicably powerful and precise throughout the anime.

Major Story Arcs

C - Control

When the anime begins, Mikuni is considered the strongest Entre in the District. He is also one of the most powerful businessmen in Japan, able to pay for the government's debt and buyout large companies before they collapse. When he meets Yoga Kimimaro, protagonist, Mikuni decides to help him.

Mikuni chats with Yoga
Mikuni chats with Yoga

He regards Yoga as a side hobby and only indicates that he is interested to see Yoga's progress in the district.

As the series continues Mikuni reveals his intention is to manipulate the District into aiding the people of Japan and the world.

Due to Mikuni's insistence on using Midas money, and the Midas printing press, to correct problems in the real world, the future of Japan is rapidly taken by the Midas Bank, affecting the global economic climate harshly.

Near the show's climactic finale Soichiro insists on repeated use of the Darkness Card, which allows its wielder to print enormous amounts of money at great expense of future, to preserve the present. But more important to him is preserving the life of his still comatose little sister.

Mikuni goes all out.
Mikuni goes all out.

At odds, Mikuni and Q battle Yoga and Mashu in a climactic Deal. Mikuni surrenders once Takako reaches out to him through his Asset Q. It is left unclear what became of him after the future is given back to the world.

Voiced by
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J. Michael Tatum
Daisuke Hosomi
General Information Edit
Name: Souichirou Mikuni
Name: 三國壮一郎
Gender: Male
1st manga book:
1st anime episode: C - CONTROL #1
1st anime movie:
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