Sota Takanashi

Sota Takanashi is a anime/manga character in the Wagnaria!! franchise
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Male lead in the Working!! series.

Sota, a 16-year old waiter at the Wagnaria restaurant, is the male lead in the Working!! series.  He has a love of all things cute and small, which is how Poplar Taneshima, an unusually small and cute 17-year old, was able to recruit him for employment. Sota proves himself to be a hard worker and very reliable.  He is friendly with all of his coworkers, including Mahiru Inami, who has a fear of men and subjects Sota to physical assaults multiple times per episode.  For all of his positive aspects, Sota has terrible tact which often gets him into trouble with his manager,  Kyouko Shirafuji


Kotori-chan is a character created via cross-dressing in order to soothe Mahiru Inami's Father's worries about his daughter receiving a White Day present from a boy.  The plan is a success and Sota, as Kotori-chan, is able to talk some sense into Mahiru's father and get him to ease up some.  Kotori-chan's methods are so effective that Poplar begins to idolize her and wishes for Sota to cross-dress as her more often, which very much annoys Sota and he refuses to do so.


Sota is a character in both Wagnaria!! series, Working!!/Wagnaria!! and Working'!!/Wagnaria!! 2, published by Aniplex with animation production by A-1 Pictures and the 4-panel manga series Working!!, which is published by Square-Enix and serialized in Young Gangan magazine. His original design is credited to manga writer and illustrator Karino Takatsu while the anime version is credited to Shingo Adachi. Sota makes his first anime appearance in episode #1 of the original anime series.

Voiced by
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Jun Fukuyama
General Information Edit
Name: Sota Takanashi
Name: 小鳥遊 宗太
Romanji: Takanashi Souta
Gender: Male
1st manga book:
1st anime episode: Wagnaria!! #1
1st anime movie:
Aliases Kotori-chan
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