Sorcerer Hunters

Sorcerer Hunters is an anime series in the Sorcerer Hunters franchise
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The place is the Spooner Continent. The benevolent Big Mama's last lot of defenders of peace and justice, the Haz Knights, failed to rid the land of evil sorcerers. Instead, she finds some unlikely replacements and names them the Sorcerer Hunters. Two are brothers, goofy lecher Carrot Glace, who's always hungry, and Marron Glace, who's quiet and refined. Despite their constant backbiting, they're devoted to each other. Then there's a big blond hunk named Gateau Mocha, who may be gay and secretly lusting after pretty-boy Marron. The other two are sisters, Tira Misu and Chocolate Misu, who dress in S/M style clothing when they go to work, complete with spike-heeled shoes and whips. They're both fixated on Carrot but don't fight over him because they're devoted to each other. They're all theoretically named after desserts, though to Western palates it's stretching things to call glazed carrots and chestnuts-literally carrot and marron glacé-a dessert.

The plot is riddled with internal contradictions. Many of the people our heroes are called on to help are stupid, superstition-ridden chumps not much better than the sorcerers who plague them. The supreme being, despite having a reassuringly maternal name and a sidekick whose name sounds like Daughter, has not been entirely honest with them. She's actually using each mission she gives them to train them for a bigger mission, one that will save the whole world from destruction, and she hasn't told them that Carrot is the ultimate weapon. Carrot (like innocent Rushe Lenlen in Bastard) has the ultimate evil locked inside him. He can transform into a monster of enormous power, but he is completely unaware of this power and unable to control it. It only emerges when he is struck by magic, which happens rather a lot. The bad guy, Sacher Torte, is actually an ex-good guy, one of the Haz Knights who was driven to the dark side by despair over their failure to save the world from evil last time around. He knows about Carrot's power and wants to use it to destroy everything and start again with a clean slate. The survival of a planet depends on a hormonally challenged kid and his love for his brother and friends. No wonder Big Mama is keeping it to herself. The three-episode video series is somewhat saucier than the TV anime, with more flesh on show and more gags. The first episode is a hot-springs story in which an unnaturally advanced child chases Tira and Chocolate while Carrot goes after his unnaturally youthful mother; amid all the fan service the producers allow the child to break the fourth wall repeatedly, getting into heated debate with the narrator. Episode two brings in the leader of the Haz Knights, androgynous swordsman Millefeuille, and once again shows the difference between TV and video; the restrained androgyne of the series is a gleeful, girl-fondling pervert. Carrot's multiple manga transformations, ignored in the TV series, are also showcased in the climactic final fight. The final episode flashes back to the characters' early lives but also provides comic relief, including Big Mama's karaoke turn.

Based on a manga in Dengeki Comic Gao by Satoru Akahori and Rei Omishi, SH is actually a rather enjoyable series, with more on offer than its slapstick wrappings indicate, including fun characters and wild designs. Though individual episodes may often stray into the banal territory that Akahori has done his utmost to claim, there are some interesting premises and plot twists like Sacher's origins, the Gateau-Marron relationship, and the genuine devotion between the two sisters competing for Carrot's affections. The second season of the TV series, which features Sacher's attempts to waken the destructive god slumbering inside Carrot, was renamed Spell Wars; Sorcerer Hunters' Revenge in the U.S.
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General Information Edit
Name Sorcerer Hunters
Name: 爆れつ ハンター
Romaji: Bakuretsu Hantaa
Publisher ?
Start Year 1995
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Aliases Explosion Hunter
Bakuretsu Hunter
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