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Sora no Otoshimono is an manga series in the Heaven's Lost Property franchise
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A great, wild manga series that follows the hectic life and wild misadventures of Tomoki Sakurai and his friends from the city of Sorami, Japan when they become involved in the affairs of the mysterious realm of Synapse. When the Pet-Class Angeloid Ikaros falls from the heavens and into the life of the stunned Tomoki, the dreams he has of a quiet, peaceful existence are shattered. In this review, I will break down the essentials and point out what makes this series enjoyable and the minor issues it has. This review covers thru the end of Volume Twelve, while Vol. 13 and 14 are in production. WARNING: Potential spoilers ahead!

Basic Series Breakdown (Somewhat Spoiler-Free)

Sora no Otoshimono focuses on the life of 16-year old Tomoki Sakurai, who seeks a quiet and peaceful existence outside of his occasional perverted behavior that he gets into with the girls at school. After his friend Sohara takes him to meet Eishiro about the mysterious dream of a girl with wings being stolen away from him by the sky, Tomoki finds himself sitting on a hill outside of town, awaiting the orbit of a massive orb of disturbance over Sorami. It is then when a streak of blinding light slams down into the hillside that Tomoki becomes involved with Ikaros, a pink haired girl who dons a weird outfit and had two pink wings emerging from her back. Freaked out, Tomoki decides that he wants no involvement in something as troubling as this, but knowing that a girl is in distress, he attempts to save her, but ends up being saved instead when she wakes up and flys them out of the danger zone. As they slowly descend back to the ground, she issues the order that bonds her to Tomoki via a black chain hanging from her collar, thus making him her newest master to serve. Stunned, Tomoki looks blankly at the chain that wraps tightly around his hand, unsure of what to make of the situation as the life he once knew comes to a end, replaced with one that has the involvement of Ikaros in his everyday life.

From this point onwards, Tomoki and Ikaros are linked together as they both adapt and try their best to make the best of this unique relationship, becoming involved with various people from his school as the reality of these events hit home for Tomoki. As the story progresses, they encounter other Angeloids sent down by the wicked Man of Synapse, who longs to have the powerful Variable-Type Wing Core that Ikaros possesses. Tomoki, Ikaros, and friends deal with each situation as best as they can, and through their strong friendships and powerful bonds, they overcome each challenge and rise to the occasion, even when all hope looks lost.

As the realm of Synapse (under the control of the Man of Synapse) becomes more involved with trying to capture Ikaros and to eliminate Tomoki for becoming involved with it's affairs, the city of Sorami unknowingly becomes the target of Synapse's wrath, with more Angeloids being sent down in order to carry out their mission on Earth.

New friendships form, powerful allies/enemies are made, memories are lost, and the lives of all involved will forever be changed in the events of Sora no Otoshimono.

My Opinions

Readers should enjoy this series if they like their manga series to have great humor, wonderful characters, and outrageous moments that set this series apart from most typical Ecchi/Harem series. The characters are interesting and varied, from a total pervert to a sadistic yakuza heiress to the brilliant, yet flawed scientist who longs for knowledge about the mysterious realm of Synapse. The concepts are interesting (especially considering Synapse and the history/creation of the Angeloids) and all of the above should keep readers interested.

However, there are some downsides to this manga that will shun some readers away. Some might not enjoy the more over-the-top moments that occur over time. Others may be turned off by some of the more perverted schemes that Tomoki uses and the slow, sometimes vague storyline that can be confusing at times but overall turns out just good enough to keep most readers enjoying Sora no Otoshimono.

Characters (Reoccurring Characters)


Tomoki Sakurai

Sohara Mitsuki

Eishiro Sugata

Mikako Satsukitane







Hiyori Kazane

Man of Synapse



  • Great Humor
  • Wonderful Characters
  • Interesting Relationships/Friendships
  • Enjoyable Filler Chapters (mainly revolving around the everyday experiences that the Angeloids have in several of the volumes)
  • Outrageous Moments (especially when Tomoki is involved in his constant perverted antics or when they backfire in his face)
  • Great Design (people should enjoy Tomoki's chibi freakouts as much as I did)
  • Interesting Concepts/Ideas (World of Synapse and the entire Angeloid lore)
  • Fanservice (for those who do enjoy it)


  • Slow, Sometimes Vague Story/Plot
  • Annoying Moments (especially the chapters that feature Mikako's different challenges, most people I ask find them annoying and for the most part skip them)
  • Confusing Story Movement
  • Fanservice (for those who do not enjoy it)

Final Manga Review Rating: 4.5/5

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