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Sora no Otoshimono is the original manga series created by Suu Minazuki in 2007. It has since expanded to sixteen volumes and has been made into two anime seasons (Heaven's Lost Property and Heaven's Lost Property: Forte) and a movie (HLP: The Angleoid of Clockwork) by AIC Studios.

Sora no Otoshimono was first written and illustrated by the talented manga writer/artist Suu Minazuki in 2007 and is currently published by the Kadokawa Shoten Publishing Corporation in Japan. It has since been made into two popular anime series by AIC Studios in both 2009 and 2010 under the title Heaven's Lost Property. Recently, FUNimation has since picked up the licensing rights for Heaven's Lost Property and plans to release the series to Westren audiences in a english dubbed format. It is not known if the manga will be translated and sold outside of Japan.


It is not known at this time as to what inspired Suu Minazuki to create this series.


Sora no Otoshimono follows the life of Tomoki Sakurai, a student at the local Sorami High School along with his childhood friend Sohara Mitsuki. He tries his hardest to enjoy a life of "peace, quiet, and happiness", but is constantly getting in hot water for pulling various perverted schemes on the girls at school, especially Sohara. After Tomoki endures the same strange dream regarding a mysterious girl with wings being taken from him in class, Sohara enlists the aid of the eccentric Eishiro Sugata, the wacky leader of the New World Discovery Club and someone who has a theory regarding as to what is causing these strange dreams that Tomoki keeps having. Eishiro concludes that his dreams are somehow related to the appearance of a mysterious orb of strange distortion that seems to be orbiting around the Earth and will be passing over Sorami soon. They agree to watch the orb pass over the town by the blooming cherry tree on the hill just outside of Sorami, but various circumstances keep Sohara from showing and makes Eishiro dangerously late for the passing of the mysterious mass of distortion overhead. Tomoki, who decided to stick around long enough by himself on the hill to watch the orb come into sight finally gets bored and spaces out, but is jolted back into reality when a panicing Eishiro franticly calls him on his cellphone, warning him of a odd anomaly that the orb seems to be creating. Before he knows it, a blazing ball of light comes thundering down from the sky along with massive chunks of shattered pillars, smashing down into the ground at his feet and all around him. He is stunned to see the body of a battered and unconscious woman laying in the center of the large crater before him, and is blown away when he notices that she has a pair of pink wings coming out of her back.

Not wanting to get involved in something that could be trouble, he begins to leave, but notices that more chunks of pillars are falling from the sky towards where the girl lays, thus changing his mind about getting involved in this odd and dangerous situation. Tomoki turns around and races to her side so that he can help her, but freezes in horror when one of the massive stone pillars is coming down too fast and will kill the two of them in mere seconds. He braces for the crushing impact that will mark his departure from this world, but before he knows it, he is being pulled high into the air by the same girl he was trying to save moments before, pink feathers swirling around them as they fly out of the impact area. As they soar through the skies, the girl utters a command and much to his shock and bewilderment, she magically links herself to him with the metal chain that hangs from the collar around her neck as they slowly descend towards the ground. When they land, Tomoki stares oddly at the chains that tightly wrap around his hand in disbelief as the girl gets down on her knees and introduces herself as "Pet Class Angeloid Ikaros", and how he is now her new master. From this day onward, Tomoki's dream of living a quiet, peaceful life are forever shattered as his average life gets caught up in various mis-adventures that turn his world upside down!

Characters That Appear in the Sora no Otoshimono Series

The characters involved in Sora no Otoshimono are divided into three main categories: Humans, Angeloids/Angels, and Other. They are listed below with brief character bios (images of characters in order of how they are posted below):

A. Humans

Tomoki Sakurai: A average teenager who attends classes at Sorami High with his childhood friend Sohara Mitsuki, Tomoki tries his best to live a life that consists of nothing but "peace, quiet, and happiness". He has a highly perverted mindset and constantly schemes various plots/ideas that will result in him achieving his goals of seeing or being around naked women, but his plans usually backfire in his face. He constantly experiences the same odd dream in which he is on a hill with a girl that has wings, watching the sky take her away before waking up in the real world crying. He first saves and then gets saved by the Pet-Class Angeloid Ikaros, which imprints a magical chain to him and makes him her newest master that she will serve/cater to his every desire. She moves in with him at his modest house and is the first of several Angeloids that get involved in his life during the duration of the story. With future appearances by other Angeloids in later chapters, Tomoki finds himself living a stress-filled existance with Ikaros, Nymph, Astraea, and others living under his roof.

Sohara Mitsuki: The caring, likable childhood friend of Tomoki ever since they met back in the days of her frail health as a young girl, Sohara harbors strong feelings for Tomoki, even though she will be the first one to tell you otherwise. She constantly is the subject of his perverted schemes and punishes him with her dangerous Karate Chop, which was started back when Tomoki made fun of the panties that she was wearing back in their younger years. She lives next door to him and spends her days trying to get by without being caught up in his various perverted plots or boneheaded schemes, but she secretly loves it when he acts perverted around her. She becomes somewhat jealous when the Angeloid Ikaros first moves in with Tomoki, thinking that she will steal him away from her, but that is the least of her worries when other beautiful Angeloids arrive later in the story and decide to also move in with Tomoki. Vowing never to lose to the competition (Angeloids) to be the one that Tomoki loves, Sohara secretly struggles to make herself more noticeable to him, often with bad results.

Eishiro Sugata: The quirky, eccentric leader of the small New World Discovery Club at Sorami High, Eishiro is one of several people in the world trying to decipher/debunk the strange orb of distortion that is currently orbiting around the Earth. He becomes involved with Tomoki after Sohara decides that he is someone who can help understand or figure out as to why Tomoki keeps having the same strange dream over and over again. He theorizes that it has something to do with the "new world" that hides within the orb of distortion, and decides that they should go later that night to watch it pass over the town of Sorami. After the arrival of Ikaros, Eishiro slowly becomes more and more interested as to what mythical wonders and fantastic mysteries lay hidden away in the orb that hovers over Sorami, a world that Ikaros calls "Synapse". He currently has a nervous, tense friendship with the cold-hearted Mikako Satsukitane, and is always the object of her attention whenever she decides to care about him. He is great with technology, and takes great interest in Nymph's Quantum Converter along with the Portal Device that opens up a passageway to the world of Synapse. In later chapters, Eishiro is able to further explore the realm of Synapse with the aid of Nymph's Portal Device and befriends the Angel Daedalus.

Mikako Satsukitane: The cold-hearted Student President at Sorami High, Mikako is the future heiress of a powerful, shady Yakuza dynasty that her family has built over the years and she treats everyone around her as if they were mere bugs under her boots. Being insanely rich, she tends to use her almost limitless funds to host special contests and competitions that reward the winner of each event with lavish paydays, but she usually crushes whoever wins each of her contests so that she keeps the prize for herself. She is close friends with Eshiro Sugata, and treats him somewhat better than how she treats just about everyone else around her. She is skilled with almost any kind of weapon and can be quite dangerous whenever she is provoked or tempted into getting angry. Mikako takes great pleasure in causing misery for others, and tends to make bad situations worse on occasion. In later chapters, Mikako adopts Angeloid Oregano after it secretly follows Eishiro home from one of his trips to Synapse and shortly after Tomoki refuses to allow yet another Angeloid to live under his roof (since he already has three/four living with him).

B. Angeloids/Angels

Ikaros: A 1st Generation Pet Class Angeloid who falls down from the massive orb of distortion and into the life of one Tomoki Sakurai, Ikaros saves him when a massive chunk of shattered pillar threatens to crush the two of them while he was trying his best to save her from the falling derbies. As they soar high into the night sky and out of the path of danger, Ikaros begins the process of imprinting herself upon Tomoki so that he can become her new master for her to serve, since that is the only thing a standard Pet Class Angeloid is designed for. She introduces herself properly to the flabbergasted Tomoki shortly after they land, telling him that he is her new master, and that she is here to serve/cater to his every desire. Being a Pet Class Angeloid, Ikaros comes equipped with a special Transport Card, which allows her to summon whatever Tomoki wishes or demands from a special place on Synapse in order to appease him, but it leads to several messy situations that end up leaving Tomoki as the only human being alive on a now deserted Earth. Frustrated, he tells her to leave him alone and to never bother him again, which to Ikaros means that she should kill herself as to not bother her master ever again. She summons a gun and holds it to her head, ready to end her life at his request, but is stopped when Tomoki realizes that she might have taken his words the wrong way and would do something terrible instead. After he wishes that it was all just a dream, she restores the Earth back to the way it was before he began his wishing rampage, and the Transport Card vanishes forever. Over time, Tomoki notices that Ikaros has a very childlike demeanor and/or understanding of the world around her compared to normal people that he knows, and the fact that she does not ever smile frustrates him greatly. This is due to her main processing ability being toned down and locked at a low setting in comparison to her staggering strength and speed abilities that are seen in other Angeloids. Unknown to most, Ikaros is not just your average Pet Class Angeloid, but happens to be the feared Uranus Queen, an Angeloid so powerful that she is claimed to be single-handedly responsible for the destruction of Babylon.

Nymph: A 1st Generation Electronic Warfare Class Angeloid, Nymph is originally under the ownership of the wicked Man of Synapse when she is first introduced to the main Sora no Otoshimono story. She specializes in using highly advanced technology in and out of combat situations, and is one of the greatest hackers to ever be created on Synapse. She is sent down to Earth by her master to capture Ikaros so that the Man of Synapse could claim the ultra-rare Variable-type wings that Ikaros comes equipped with as his, but eventually begins to fall in love with Tomoki and begins to doubt herself regarding her orders. Her failure frustrates the Man of Synapse, who summons her back to his palace on Synapse and delivers a final ultimatum to her: bring back Ikaros dead or alive to him or be killed by the explosives that he has implanted into the collar around her neck. Not wanting to die, she returns to Earth, but eventually gives up on living and waits for the bomb around her neck to take her life. She is approached by the heartless Harpies, her master's personal bodyguards who plan to "help" her bring Ikaros somewhere so that they can capture her and return to their master together. Nymph does what the Harpies tell her, and is stunned when they savagely attack the unsuspecting Ikaros, who tries to dodge the beam of energy but is struck on the wing, shearing it completely off and knocking her unconscious. She tries to fight back, but is overpowered by the Harpies, who then painfully rip her wings out of her back as punishment for attacking them. Ikaros eventually saves her when she engages her Uranus Queen mode to dispatch of the Harpies while Tomoki and friends break the chain that binds her to the Man of Synapse, thus defusing the bomb around her neck and freeing her from her master. She moves in with Tomoki and eventually grows back her wings in later volumes.

Astraea: Said to be the strongest, most dangerous 1st Generation Angeloid to ever be created, Type Delta Close Combat Angeloid Astraea is under the ownership of the wicked Man of Synapse when she is first introduced in the Sora no Otoshimono manga. He sends her down to Earth several weeks after losing Nymph to the humans to kill Tomoki Sakurai and to eliminate both Ikaros and Nymph for their betrayal of Synapse. Astraea specializes in one-on-one close-quarters combat, wielding the powerful photon sword Chysaor and the impressive Aegis L shield in combat against her rival, making her a dangerous enemy to have. She possesses the greatest strength and is one of the fastest Angeloids ever built, but as a downside to her staggering abilities, her overall intelligence is rather limited in comparison and thus causes her to make stupid decisions and be a hyper klutz around others. She eventually falls in love with Tomoki and turns against the Man of Synapse, breaking her own chain that binds her to him before attacking Chaos, who was expecting to team up with Astraea to kill her targets. She currently lives with Tomoki in his home along with Nymph and Ikaros and is mostly used as a source of cheap ecchi humor in later chapters due to her klutz nature, for she becomes the next object of Tomoki's perverted desires.

Chaos: The first ever 2nd Generation Angeloid created by the wicked Man of Synapse, Type Epsilon Angeloid Chaos is sent down to Earth from Synapse in order to help the mistake/failure-prone Astraea complete her original mission: Eliminate Tomoki Sakurai and to kill both Ikaros and Nymph for betraying Synapse. She has a demented, twisted take on what the meaning of love is, thinking that extreme pain and suffering must be what love is truly about. Chaos has special abilities that allow her to use her mastery of deception against her targets, thus causing major havoc amongst the Angeloids down on Earth and nearly pulls off her mission to kill them. She is eventually stopped by the battered Ikaros, who races off into the heavens at a staggering Mach 21 to trap Chaos in the deepest part of the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Japan, in a trench where the crushing pressure will not allow for her to escape. In later volumes, she eventually escapes her dark, crushing prison and returns to Sorami to show just how much she "loves" Tomoki and the Angeloids.

Hiyori Kazane: A student at Sorami High that falls madly in love with the shocked Tomoki Sakurai, Hiyori seeks to spend her days with him and his friends as the newest member of the New World Discovery Club. Unknown to Tomoki, she is actually a angel who exists in the world of Synapse and is using a "digital" body to live out her dream "existence" down on Earth. Only Eishiro, Ikaros, Nymph, and Astraea know the truth about her real identity, but it is revealed when she is struck by a speeding truck and slowly breaks apart into the air before Tomoki's eyes. When she dies, she wakes up back on Synapse and all of those people down on Earth begin to forget about her ever being apart of their lives, but Eishiro (who at the time is on Synapse when she dies) witnesses her waking from her sleep and comes face to face with the Man of Synapse, who chastises him for his failure and reveals to him how no one will ever remember her. She later comes back to Earth as a Angeloid, created by the Man of Synapse in his latest attempt to kill Tomoki and eliminate all of the Angeloids on Earth. After a short battle, Nymph successfully hacks into Hiyori's system and thus frees her from the grasp of the Man of Synapse, freeing her to once again become a normal person before leaving the club and the others in order to live her new life as a free Angeloid. She reappears in later volumes on occasion and is usually seen tending to her vegetable garden that she grows outside of Sorami.

Harpies: Cold, wicked, and rotten to the core, the Harpies are the two best Angeloid bodyguards that the Man of Synapse currently owns and are the ones that do his bidding whenever his plans begin to fall apart. They have powerful beam cannons built into both of their arms, and use them whenever the need to take down or eliminate their prey arises. Using forceful means of deception, they can make tough situations change into ones that are to their advantage before eventually backstabbing all of those individuals who aided them in the process. They are dispatched by Ikaros, but eventually reappear from time to time in later volumes, usually seen alongside their cruel master.

Man of Synapse: The evil, heartless man who appears to be the most powerful angel in the mysterious world of Synapse, the Man of Synapse harbors a strong distaste of the downers (referring to humans) on Earth. Being the most powerful being in Synapse, he has amassed quite the collection of Angeloid slaves to help take care of his every desire in his massive palace located on the highest level of Synapse. He longs to possess the ultra rare Variable-type wings that Ikaros has, and after she falls down to Earth when she escapes the grasp of Synapse, he begins plotting ways to get his hands on either her or her wings. He first sends his servant/slave Nymph down to retrieve Ikaros, but when she eventually fails to do so, sends down his powerful Harpies to go aid her in completing his orders. After Ikaros defeats the Harpies and Nymph is freed from his cruel ownership, he begins scheming new ways to kill the human Tomoki Sakurai and eliminate the Angeloids on Earth who have turned their back on Synapse. He later sends down his strongest Angeloid, the Type Delta Close Combat Angeloid Astraea down to Earth to finish off his enemies in Sorami, but fails when Astraea's hyper-klutz nature prevents her from completing her mission. Disgusted with the failures of his plans, he then designs and creates the 2nd Generation of Angeloids, advanced models that have abilities and powers that the current Angeloids on Earth do not possess.

Daedalus: The talented creator of the 1st Generation Angeloids, Daedalus currently lives up in the mysterious world of Synapse at her workshop, the very same place where she created Ikaros, Astraea, and Nymph at one time or another. She in fact turns out to be the mysterious girl with wings who is seen in Tomoki's vivid dreams, and claims that the "sky has me" before being snatched away in a shower of white feathers. She saves Eishiro Sugata on several occasions from the Harpies and the Man of Synapse whenever he gets caught trespassing in Synapse and reveals to him information regarding Synapse that he has been dying to understand or uncover since he began studying the "new world" back on Earth.

Oregano: A First Generation Medical Specialist Angeloid that accidentally followed the unknowing Eishro Sugata back to Earth when he concluded his latest exploration of Synapse, Oregano is adopted by the cold, usually heartless Mikako Satsukitane after Tomoki refuses to take care of yet another Angeloid. After several days pass, Oregano undergoes a major transformation in both her personality and skills, having trained under her master and the powerful Yakuza family resources that Mikako possesses. She harbors a grudge against fellow Angeloid Nymph and is now a master of nearly every type of man-made weapon, especially explosives.

Ikaros Melan: An almost carbon-copy duplicate of Ikaros created by the Man of Synapse by constructing a unstable, yet similar Variable-Type Wing core in his research laboratories, Ikaros Melan is sent down to Earth from Synapse to slaughter Tomoki Sakurai and to eliminate the other Angeloids that live with him, starting with the true Ikaros. She uses her familiar appearance in order to get close to Tomoki and when his guard is down, she strikes with brutal efficiency, gravely wounding the flabbergasted Tomoki with a surprise attack. She harbors the ability to use the nigh-unstoppable Uranus Queen mode that Ikaros possesses, which makes her almost impossible to defeat yet alone survive against in combat. After their bitter fight between each other, Ikaros Melan is utterly destroyed by the jaw-dropping powers of the recently PANDORA System-evolved Ikaros, who's new unstoppable powers ensure the crushing defeat of Ikaros Melan and seals the final nail in the coffin for the Man of Synapse's latest plans for revenge.

C. Other

Tomoko: The special female form of Tomoki created by the use of Nymph's powerful Quantum Converter, Tomoko is used on several occasions in the duration of the Sora no Otoshimono manga. Tomoki uses her form in order to get close to the girls at school so that he can achieve his perverted fantasies of being amongst naked women. His ability to use Tomoko is taken away whenever Nymph's Quantum Converter has issues or whenever he becomes too excited, thus reverting him back to his regular male form. In later volumes, Tomoki accidentally has his forms split so that Tomoko actually comes to existance in the real world after a wild series of events take place. Tomoko is currently featured on the cover of the Eighth Volume of Sora no Otoshimono.

Tomoki's Grandfather: The perverted grandfather of Tomoki Sakurai who died when he was a young boy, he appears from time to time to give Tomoki "encouragement" in odd situations or whenever Tomoki is in a rut with his life. His encouragement usually leads to Tomoki doing stupid or highly perverted things based on his grandfather's words, which typically result in the painful failure that Tomoki experiences whenever he listens to his words. He appears off-and-on in the duration of the manga, usually whenever Tomoki gets so badly beaten that his spirit tries to cross over, which leads to his grandfather stopping him and having choice words with him before sending his battered spirit back.

Tomoki's Parents: When Tomoki was young, he returned home from school one day to find a folded letter left for him on the table in the living room. It was left behind by Tomoyo and Tsutsumi Sakurai, his busy parents who have decided to go on a long-term tour of the world since he recently turned ten years old. They are gone for roughly six years by the time the main Sora no Otoshimono story begins, and are still away on their trip for most of the progression of the story. It is in Volume Twelve that both Tomoyo and Tsutsumi finally make their return to Sorami and back into the life of the shocked Tomoki. It isn't long before his overly perverted mother (who also harbors a wild obsession with groping and violating the bodies of any females within sight) become involved in a quasi-relationship with the love-touched Eishiro, thus leading to vicious attacks from the ruthless Mikako Satsukitane upon the hapless Tomoki due to the fact that his mother is trying to steal away her best male partner.


The main story of the Sora no Otoshimono manga takes place in two main settings, in both the small rural town of Sorami, Japan that Tomoki and friends reside, and in the mysterious world of Synapse that lays hidden away inside the orb of distortion seen orbiting around the Earth. They are broken down below in more details:

1. Sorami, Japan: A small, modest town located next to the river that is surrounded by thick forests, rural expanses, and small farming areas, the town of Sorami is where the majority of the events that occur in the duration of the main Sora no Otoshimono story take place. All of the human characters involved in the manga reside within the city limits, and it is the town in which the invisible orb of disturbance (which houses the mysterious world of Synapse) comes to a halt and continuously hovers over after Ikaros falls down to Earth and into Tomoki Sakurai's life. It is unknown by the majority of the town, but they have become involved in dangerous matters that could very well lead to their demise if the Man of Synapse and his followers ever decided to attack their town in order to kill Tomoki and the Angeloids who have "betrayed" Synapse.

2. Synapse: The mysterious world of the Angels and their Angeloid servants that is hidden away within a massive orb of disturbance that currently orbits around the Earth, Synapse's existence is only known by those who have spent years studying or trying to discover as to what lies within the it's boundaries. It consists of several unique, massive areas of land that float above each other in a ascending fashion, with the upper levels being populated by the most powerful of it's inhabitants. The highest level of Synapse is where the wicked Man of Synapse lives in his lavish palace along with his Angeloid slaves and servants. It is also where he meets with other Angels in the occasional meetings he hosts to discuss topics regarding Synapse, the business that he is involved in, and in regards to the "downers" (what he calls the humans) on Earth.

Other Media

Sora no Otoshimono has been featured in many various kinds of products/items since it was first started in 2007. It has been made into two popular anime series by AIC Studios, it's characters have been made into several anime figures, featured in other works/stories, has a upcoming anime movie in the works, and seen in various works of fan fiction (some more inappropriate than others). Below is a list of some of the ways that this series has been featured in outside work:

A. Anime Series/Movies

1. Heaven's Lost Property (2009): 13 Episodes produced by AIC Studios

2. Heaven's Lost Property: Forte (2010): 12 Episodes produced by AIC Studios

3. Heaven's Lost Property the Movie: The Angeloid of Clockwork (2012): The first official movie of the Sora no Otoshimono franchise. Based on the manga and is reportedly being produced by AIC Studios. It is believed that this movie will cover the progression of the Hiyori Kazane Arc that was portrayed in the manga.

4. Heaven's Lost Property 3 (2013): Expected to be 12/13 Episodes being produced by AIC Stuidos.

B. Figures

1. Ikaros: Several chibi and regular figure models of Ikaros are currently in production and can be found wherever anime figures are sold.

2. Nymph: Several chibi and regular figure models of Nymph are currently in production and can be found wherever anime figures are sold.

3. Astraea: For now, Astraea has a chibi figure in production, which can be found wherever anime figures are sold. Astraea has a supposed regular figure model of her currently in the works that ties into the upcoming film.

C. Light Novels

1. Sora no Otoshimono (2010: based on the anime series)

2. Sora no Otoshimono f (2010: the 2nd light novel based on the anime series)

Book # Name Rating Release Date
Volume 20
March 26, 2014
Volume 19
Feb. 26, 2014
Volume 18
Oct. 26, 2013
Volume 17
April 26, 2013
Volume 16
Oct. 24, 2012
Volume 15
July 26, 2012
Volume 14
March 26, 2012
Volume 13
Nov. 26, 2011
Volume 12
June 4, 2011
Volume 11
Jan. 26, 2011
Volume 10
Oct. 26, 2010
Volume 9
Sept. 9, 2010
Volume 8
March 26, 2010
Volume 7
Oct. 26, 2009
Volume 6
Sept. 26, 2009
Volume 5
April 25, 2009
Volume 4
Jan. 26, 2009
Volume 3
July 26, 2008
Volume 2
Dec. 26, 2007
Volume 1
Sept. 26, 2007
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English Name Sora no Otoshimono
Japanese Name: そらのおとしもの
Romaji: Sora no Otoshimono
Publisher Kadokawa Shoten
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