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What an irony that Sonic’s had more noticeable success in manga pages and anime frames than he has in video game consoles. Right at this very moment, a subbed version of SONIC X is available for your perusal on Hulu. We’ve even got the first episode for your streaming convenience down below.

Now, this thing’s got a lively pop punk J-rock ditty to start things off running at full tilt. I realize that Western otakus are very particular about their preference for subbed versus dubbed (do they have as strong convictions over innie versus outie?), but good lord! There's some mangled Engrish here in these theme song lyrics. Aside from having enough “Go”s and “Let’s go!”s to give the Get-Up Kids a run for their money, the song’s got phrases like these…

Yesterday’s rules are simply loose today, the best goal is to break them!

“Watch out!” and “Have a Nice” are similar. That’s right – both are by the skin of your teeth.

The scenery instantly becomes countless lines. I won’t let no one and nothing go forward.

Sheesh, there’s enough warped grammar there to give my high school English teacher an aneurysm. Do you think they could’ve gone for a less literal, but more sensible, translation?

As somebody who can remember playing SONIC THE HEDGEHOG on the Genesis back in the day, I have to say I’m intrigued to check out some of these, now. It’s been a few years since I’ve seen any 2D adventures of the fleet-footed rodent. I think I might check these out for another "What the F@#$ Did I Just Watch?!" column. I do remember watching those two American Sonic cartoons - - the “serious” rebellion one and the slapstick one with Urkel’s voice acting - - after school every day when I was nine. For those of you diehard Sonic fans in the Anime Vice community… how does this X series rack up with those?

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I used to watch this every Saturday morning when it was on the Fox Box, then I started loosing interest and found better things to do.  It's neat that it's on Hulu now, but that means most people in other regions wont be able to watch it unless they go through a proxy.
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