Sonic Soldier Borgman

Sonic Soldier Borgman is an anime series
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In the late 1990s, Tokyo is destroyed by four meteorites. In 2030, Megalo City in Tokyo Bay is infiltrated by a secret organization. Check: natural disaster, rebuilding, sinister organization-now all we need is a group of armored vigilantes. Our heroes Anice, Chuck, and Ryo are actually cyborgs (hence Borgman) created for a peaceful international deep-space probe, but the project head, Memory Geen, is the first to have been infiltrated by the alien Yoma, who plan to inherit the Earth since their own world is dying. The five battle-suited female cops of the World Criminal Police at first distrust and oppose the Borgman team, since fighting the Yoma is what they've been specially created and trained to do. Sound familiar? Post-Bubblegum Crisis but curiously more old-fashioned, Borgman is a stylistic bridge between earlier team shows and the dystopian heroes ushered in by Alien, Blade Runner, and Terminator, though none of them used a teaching career as cover for their hard-suited heroes. If you can ignore the presence of the annoying infants that this tactic welds into the story line and the somewhat simplistic characterization, this is a pleasant enough adventure for teens. Originator Kikuchi's design skills, helped by Ohata's monsters, propelled the show to success in Japan and a video revival four years later. The first video, Midnight Gigs, is a music compilation from the series, with some cast and crew information. The video release The Borgman: The Last Battle (1989), Murayama's movie Lover's Rain (1990), and the three-part video series Borgman 2: New Century 2058 (1993, B2: Shinseiki 2058) carry the story forward to 2058 and a new Yoma attack. The survivors of the previous conflict unite with new allies to fight the old battles. Compare to the similarly themed Virus.

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General Information Edit
Name Sonic Soldier Borgman
Name: 超音戦士ボーグマン
Romaji: Cho-on Senshi Borgman
Publisher ?
Start Year 1988
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Aliases Borgman Supersonic Soldier Borgman
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