Sonic Little Brother Training Big Brother

Sonic Little Brother Training Big Brother is an anime episode of Space Brothers that was released on 09/22/2012

Mutta waits for the final interview. But is a little worried that Azuma, an astronaut who might hold a grudge against Hibito, is on the panel of judges. Hibito's launch day approaches and he will be the first Japanese astronaut to land on the moon. Mutta, inspired by his brother, resolves to spend the rest of the days leading up to the interview training hard!

Plot Summary

Azuma playing catch with himself
Azuma playing catch with himself

After landing in Houston, Mutta has been taking it easy as he waits for the final exam interview in the hopes of becoming an astronaut. However, Jennifer told Mutta that he might be at a disadvantage because Hibito's senior, Azuma, is a judge on the final panel, and is jealous that Hibito will be the first Japanese to land on the moon. Hibito, years ago had watched a conference that Azuma spoke at. One of the reporters asked Azuma about one of his missions, where two of his colleagues went off to the moon, and Azuma stayed in Houston to offer support from land. The reporter asked if Azuma felt lonely being 380 000 kilometers away from the Moon where his (non-Japanese) colleagues were. Azuma replied, "Not at all." Hibito was impressed by this, and had approached Azuma on the roof of the Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center to play catch together.

Hibito and his teammates will be training
Hibito and his teammates will be training

Mutta realizes that today is L-20, 20 days before Hibito and his teammates launch into space. Mutta explains that starting on L-19 (tomorrow), Hibito and his teammates will fly over to the Kennedy Space Center near Orlando to do a 4 day TDCT (Terminal Countdown Demonstration Test) to simulate the 4 pre-launch days. Jennifer uses the analogy of a play, that the astronauts follow strict instructions and procedures, play certain roles in space, and risk their lives while doing so. Mutta goes through an outline schedule of the next twenty days with Hibito, and on L-6 Mutta will be interviewed for the final exam. Hibito explains that when he did it, 3 candidates were cut afterward.

Hibito flies overhead
Hibito flies overhead

Before Hibito heads to the Space Center that morning, Mutta, feeling anxious about the interview, gives Hibito some advice. To make friends with the other astronauts (implying that Hibito should be friends with Azuma). Hibito laughs and says Mutta sounded like a real older brother just then. Mutta goes to buy groceries that day, and has a hard time carrying them all by himself. Mutta is feeling down on himself for not preparing for the final interview, thinking that Kenji, Serika and Nitta are probably spending their time more productively than he is. Just then, Hibito and 4 of his teammates fly over his house in jets (they are heading to Orlando). Mutta's mind is cleared again, and resolves to support his little brother!

"Apo, humans are powerless against weather"
"Apo, humans are powerless against weather"

The next day (L-19) Mutta wakes up early and is done sitting around waiting for the interview and seems all ready to start training his body which will help him keep mentally fit and calm, by going out for a jog. However, it is raining and so he is forced to stay inside with Apo again. Over in Orlando, Hibito is having a barbecue with his teammates. One of Hibito's teammates says that Mutta is practically guaranteed to become an astronaut since Mutta made it this far, but is a little worried about what Azuma thinks about Mutta. Hibito isn't worried about that, saying Azuma isn't that kind of person.

Mutta training
Mutta training

L-18: Mr. and Mrs. Smith visit Mutta in the morning, saying that they will help with his training. After jogging for a while with Apo, Mutta does sit-ups while counting prime numbers. Next he does push-ups while reciting the numbers of Pi. L-14: Hibito has returned from Orlando and it's night time and Mutta and Hibito are hanging out together in the backyard around a campfire. Mutta asks Hibito what will happen if the weather is really bad on launch day (raining or thunderstorm). Hibito says the launch will be delayed then. L-8: Mutta continues to train hard with Mr. Smith and Apo during the day.

Mutta does squats while saying out loud what astronauts he admires. He starts with Yuri Gagarin and ends with Azuma Takio and Nanba Hibito. Mr. Smith is impressed with the progress Mutta has made over the past week. The next day, L-7, Hibito and the crew were moved into the crew quarters to minimize human contact and the risk of viruses. Also, on that day the rest of the candidates, Director Nasuda, and Mutta's parents board the airplane to go to Houston.

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