Sonia is a anime/manga character in the Berserk franchise
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One of the members of Griffith's newly reformed Band of the Hawk. She serves as the groups medium.

Sonia is official the Neo Band of the Hawk's medium. She is quite adept at mind reading and is very impulsive. When Griffith (in his reincarnated body) first arrived in midland Sonia had a vision of it and was struck with awe as Griffith, Zodd, Locus, and Grunbled slaughter the kushan men. When she encounters  Schierke in the port city she immediately identifys the little girl as a witch and as a possible friend. When Schierke asks Sonia where she is from Sonia tells her, but not directly. Instead using many metaphors to relate to Griffith (hawk) Charlotte (duck) and herself (kite). She cannot find fault with anything that Griffith does, not even the employment of the other apostles. Even mentioning to one of them that she might discreetly slip the demon a corpse after the next battle. Based on the way she interjects herself into conversations Griffith is having with Charlotte it is possible that Sonia might harbor feelings for Griffith (I honestly can't see why...). Mule, her bodygaurd, is refered to as the 'duck knight' by her. And she is constantly getting Mule into bad situations.
Rank Game #131 in Power Rank
General Information Edit
Name: Sonia
Gender: Female
1st manga book: Berserk #22
1st anime episode:
1st anime movie:
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