Dragon Ball #13 - Son Goku's Counterattack?!

is a manga book published by Viz Media that was released on 06/10/1988

Plot Summary

With a wish on the Dragon Balls, Piccolo restores his youth, becoming more powerful than ever! Flying to the palace of the King of the World, he announces that he is the new King, and broadcasts his reign of terror on international TV!Only Tenshinhan and Goku have a chance to stop Piccolo: Tenshinhan by mastering a martial arts move that can kill the one who uses it, and Goku by drinking a magic potion that might make him stronger--or kill him too! Two heroes risk death to save the planet--and meanwhile, Yajirobe eats too much and gets sick!

Kame-sennin tried to seal Piccolo Daimao with the Mafuuba, but tragically he failed and died a lamentable death. Finally, Piccolo Daimao gathered all seven dragonballs. He then got his wish of a "restored youth" granted, and killed the now unneeded Shenron.

At that time Goku had once again climbed Karin Tower, and drunk the Super God Water, which increases one's power many times over. Goku arrived just as Tenshinhan was about to be killed by Piccolo Daimao's underling Drum. The battle of Goku versus Piccolo Daimao begins.

Chapter Titles

  • Chapter 145 - The Muten-Roshi's Decision
  • Chapter 146 - The Mafu-Ba
  • Chapter 147 - The Demon King of Old... Restored!
  • Chapter 148 - Go Ask Korin
  • Chapter 149 - World Domination
  • Chapter 150 - Korin's Quandary
  • Chapter 151 - The Superest Super Water!
  • Chapter 152 - Piccolo's World
  • Chapter 153 - Tien's Decision!
  • Chapter 154 - Tien vs. Drum
  • Chapter 155 - Guess Who's Back?
  • Chapter 156 - Fury


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Akira Toriyama artist, cover, writer,



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