Sometime, Call Me By My Name

Sometime, Call Me By My Name is an anime episode of Good Luck Girl! that was released on 09/19/2012
Binbogami ga!
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Momiji surprises everyone by acting differently, and even draws her male classmates' attention away from Ichiko. Momiji claims that when a poverty god bathes in the human realm, they lose their poverty god powers. Ichiko, however, believes otherwise.
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Plot Summary

Bobby: Guess who?
Bobby: Guess who?

Momiji greets Ichiko who is shocked at Momij's new appearance, and during a montage of Momiji being perfect in various subjects, one of the boys argue over their loyalty for Momiji and Ichiko. Momiji yells out out in a cute fashion, and everyone listens to her. When the teacher feels acknowledged, the teacher runs out with tears of joy. Momiji gives a big speech for the boys and then for the girls. She wants the girls to treat Ranmaru as a girl, and she changes Ranmaru into her cute school girl form via Costube. Momiji asks Keita if Ranmaru looks cute. Once Keita says she looks great, Ranmaru runs out happy. Meanwhile at home, Ranmaru hugs pillow, and when Momiji shows up with groceries, Ichiko attacks her by rubbing Momiji's head. While Momiji cooks, Ichiko has a wild imagination where Momiji betrays like how Light betrays L in Death Note. Then, Bobby and Momou appears. Ichiko asks Bobby to grope Momiji, but Bobby could not grope Momiji because Momiji is pure and flat chested. Ranmaru comes up with a wild proposal that would take years, and Momou ties himself. He hopes to get beaten by Momiji, yet Momiji unties Momou and blows on his ouchies. Momou jumps out of the window after witnessing Momiji's overwhelming kindness.

Momiji scrubs Ichiko's back
Momiji scrubs Ichiko's back

During dinnertime, Ichiko sees everyone enjoying dinner except Momou. She feels betrayed when she sees Tama getting spoon fed by Kumagai. As Momiji tries to persuade Ichiko to eat her cooking, Ichiko throws the food at Momiji who runs out of apartment in tears. Ranmaru and the others find Momiji terrible, and Ranmaru orders Ichiko to apologize to Momiji. In the rain, Ichiko catches up with Momiji, and Momiji states that Ichiko will receive happiness when she shares her fortune. Her words make Ichiko confused. Back at home, Ranmaru has Momiji and Ichiko take a bath together. In the tub, Momiji asks Ichiko to call her by her first name. During a montage of Momiji being kind, Ichiko feels that peace is good, but something is missing.

Momiji: Call me by my name
Momiji: Call me by my name

Outside, Kumagai plays ball with Tama, and when a soccer ball hits Kumagai who landed inside a garage truck, Kumagai bursts out. He is back to his old self. Momou finds Kumagai, and Kumagai informs Momou that they must make Momiji dirty in order to make the old Momiji come back. Back at home, Momou crashes into the window, and uses his scarves to tie up Momiji. Kumagai quickly binds Ichiko and Tama together with his stuffing. He lets out a dozen or more garbage bags, and he tells Momiji that making Momiji dirty will restore her. Before they could make Momiji normal, Momiji begs them to let her say her final farewells to Ichiko.

After the Credits

Keita asks his boss if they could hire Bobby. When Keita asks Bobby for his license, Bobby hands over a fake license much to his boss's surprise.

Points of Interest

  • Costube - a Gadget of Misfortune allows one to change into clothes that they have worn previously.


Death Note Reference
Death Note Reference
  • Death Note: Ichiko acts like L, and Momiji acts like Light.
  • Obama's Quote Reference - Yes We Can: When Bobby says this phrase in the extra, it's a reference to President Obama.

Manga & Anime Differences

  • Anime-only scenes: Suwano and Keita appears in the Death Note reference. Suwano is seen dead on the computer while Keita is a statue that crumbles.


  • Japanese Name: "Itsuka Namae de Yonde" (いつか名前で呼んで)
  • Manga Chapter: Binbō-gami ga! #4 (Chapter 17, pg. 8 to Chapter 18 pg. 10)
  • Opening Theme: "Make my Day!" by Piko
  • Ending Theme: "Love Riot" by HAPPY BIRTHDAY

Characters & Voice Actors

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Tomoyuki Kawamura Director Tomoyuki Kawamura is a Japanese anime episode director.
Yoshiaki Sukeno Original Concept Yoshiaki Sukeno is the creator of Binbogami Ga!


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