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Somehow a Girl Came Out is an anime episode of Magician's Academy that was released on 10/05/2008
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Magician's Academy Ep. 1 Review

Rating: TV-MA
Length: 25:10 
In Japan an average student Takuto Hasegawa is far from average. He's also a student of the Magician's Academy and today he has his makeup exams in summoning. What appears is an adorable beast-girl who goes on a rampage and turns the academy on it's head.

The Good

This is actually a series that I wanted a few years ago in fan subs and seriously enjoyed it. It's best describes as a parody comedy series that doesn't shy away from poking fun at the whole anime and moe culture. You name the cliche in anime/manga then you you will find something in this series. The anime was originally called Macademi Wasshoi!. When I discovered that Crunchyroll was now streaming this series, it's now being called Magician's Academy. In honor if this discovery, I decided to give the series the full treatment.
The episode is just littered with little touches and great laughs. Any anime fan is going to find something they have spotted in another series. One of the best has to be Eitaro putting on a Saiyan style eye scanner to check out the stats on Tanarotte. When she powers up it even explodes. It's great to watch a series that is very aware that it's parody. Characters are often introduced with the kind of stat screen you would get in a PC anime game. There is an AI character that Takuto calls Trin.

This episode introduces us to the protagonist in Takuto Hasegawa, a young wizard who accidentally summons a young girl who is later named Tanarotte. There is the incredibly shy Suzuho Hasegawa, but she has a deep secret that is revealed when she removes the ribbon from her hair. This quiet girl who doesn't say a word changes into a blue-haired violent girl with a powerful mechanical sword. The two get in a brawl over Takuto that looks to level the entire academy.
When I first saw this episode in fansubs, it was the TV appropriate version. Crunchyroll is streaming the uncut version of the series that has all the original nudity scenes. For that reason, it's a for mature audiences only. Though, the fanservice goes down a bit after episode one.

The Bad

This is not the series you watch if you want serious drama. This is all about the laughs and fanservice. If you don't like comedy. Well, then you are no fun.

Only real downside about this episode is something you find with most first episodes. Not a lot is done other than introducing you to the characters, but the cast is interesting and wild enough. You are probably going to find someone you like in this wide cast, and not everyone has been introduced.

Verdict  4/5

The cast of characters introduced are a lot of fun. It's a bit too hard to tell who stands out as a favorite. I can advise you who I enjoyed in every episode I saw her in. That's Eitaro's familiar Eneus. She may seem like the stand off to the sides maid, but she has some great scenes. I don't normally go in for the whole maid thing, but I do enjoy the calm dark-haired bad ass.
I can't call this an incredible episode, but it was a lot of fun to watch with good animation, voice acting, and comedy. This was all about getting to know the cast of characters. So, it's basically a par for your episode one. I would recommend you stay tuned. I'd rate this a 4 out of 5. This is a twelve episode series that is a really fun ride. Crunchyroll seems to be releasing this series in three episode bursts to non paying members.

Favorite Moment: Suzuho and Tanarotte clash.

Least Favorite Moment: Disciplinary Golem scene

WTF Moment: Facehugger!!

Favorite Character This Episode: Suzuho Hasegawa

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