Some Fascinating Humans

Some Fascinating Humans is an anime episode of Kokoro Connect that was released on 07/14/2012
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The Student Cultural Society members have a problem and it seems to be escalating. The group doesn’t know what to do until a mysterious figure explains almost everything.
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Plot Summary

The episode starts with Yui, Himeko and Aoki having switched bodies, and desparately looking for Tachi and Iori. When they reach school, they decide to skip the first two periods to try and figure out why they are switching bodies constantly. during lunch, they go to Mr Goto, the teacher and their advisor to explain their absence, where Himeko lies about the five of them eating spoiled food, to which they are all excused. Taichi randomly switchis with Yui mid-conversation. He then rushes to the restroom, accidentally entering the boy's room, and then corrects himself and enters a girl's stall, where he switches back. when he reaches back in the clubhouse, Iori berates him for what he did (in the previous episode) that caused Fujishima to be harassing her. Yui joins in too, only for a rather unenthusiastic Goto to enter the room.

He asks them if they are the ones with the personality swapping problem, and then reveals that he is actually someone who has switched personalites with Goto, and is actually an observer, and controls their predicament, and is named Heartseed. He explains that the swapping is at random then suggests to them to keep the bodyswap a secret, then leaves. Himeko, who had asked the questions earlier, holds his arm to ask him more questions, but gets thrown out of the room. Yui then attacks him, only for her to be countered and thrown to the floor.

After school Himeko decides that it is best for them to remain in contact with each other in case of a switch, and avoid contact with others, and in a worse case scenario, try to do their best impression of them.

The next day, Taichi and Himeko hear an announcement in class by Fujishima about asking for volunteers for an off-campus clean-up. Taichi was about to raise his hand, but switched bodies with Himeko, making her volunteer instead, and Himeko also reluctantly volunteers. On the clean-up, Fujishima asks Taichi in Himekp's body what Iori meant to "her". Himeko, using Taichi's body declares that she was "his", and tells Fujishima to stay away from her, much to Taichi's shock.


  • Japanese Name: "Nakanaka Omoshiroi Ningen-tachi" (なかなか面白い人間達)
  • Manga Chapter:
  • Opening Theme: "Paradigm" (パラダイム Paradaimu) by Eufonius
  • Ending Theme: "Kokoro no Kara" (ココロノカラ) by Team Nekokan feat. Junca Amaoto

Characters & Voice Actors

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