Solitude is an anime episode of Sket Dance that was released on 09/13/2012

When a bullying teacher from Katou Kiri's past comes to Kaimei Academy, he harasses the Sket-dan. But will the bully's actions push Student Council member/trained ninja Katou over the edge?

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Plot Summary

When a rowdy student goes out of control, Mimori tries to calm down the person while Tsubaki and Bossun stand by. Then, Kiri appears on top of the student, and the student get enraged. He throws a chair which is about to hit Mimori. In the nick of time, Tsubaki blocks it. Later, Kiri asks Tsubaki if he is going to reprimand him, and Tsubaki asks Kiri why he joins the student council and tells Kiri should cooperate. However, Kiri does not want to follow orders. Later, Hime throws a Pelollipop Candy at Kiri who catches it. She asks Kiri to hang out with her because she used to be a loner. Then, Kiri shares a story from his middle school.

Back then, Kiri asks his teacher to help Kihara who was bullied. Yet, Kiri finds out that Kihara has transferred to different schools and that the teacher states that victims of bullies are the ones to blame. Also, Kiri learns that the teacher is behind the bullying. He explains to Himeko that he joins the student council to make a peaceful academy. Himeko tells Kiri that Sasuke is doing the same thing. Next day, a teacher from the same middle school that Kiri goes to, Kutsuwa, tries to press down hard on Bossun's head because of Bossun's hat. In class, Switch debriefs about them about the new teacher. In Kiri's classroom, Kiri is shock that Kutsuwa is his new teacher. Later, Himeko walks from class, and Kutsuwa checks out Himeko's skirt. Then, he pulls Himeko's hair and states he knows that Himeko is Onizuka. Meanwhile, Kiri watches the whole situation and learns that Himeko is Onizuka. He grits his teeth when he sees Himeko crying a bit.

Outside of school, Bossun and his Sket Dan crew sees graffiti on the building, and Switches goes to the website, YouDoga. Bossun sees Kutsuwa on the video who is tied up. Switch brings up Kiri, and they see Kiri on the video. Kiri takes away the blindfold, and Sasuke, Saaya, and the rest of Kaimei Student council arrives. They watch Kiri taking away the blindfold, and Kiri tells Kutsuwa to take back what he said to Himeko. Kiri does not forgive to Kutsuwa for what he has done to Kihara. Chuma, Remi, and Kanegi arrive to Bossun's location, and Tsubaki tells them that they can handle it. Bossun uses his concentration mode to figure out Kiri's real location. When Bossun goes over the surroundings and how Kiri cannot go too far with an adult, Himeko realizes the location. Sasuke goes to help Kiri, and Chuma tells Bossun to go with Sasuke. Chuma wonders if he gets fired, but Remi reassures him.

In the park, Sasuke tells Kiri that it is not too late, and he reasons with Kiri with some of his experiences of meeting new people who changed him. Kiri decides to throw away his armband and announces that he is done with the student council. However, Tsubaki catches the arm band and tells Kiri that he will not let Kiri do this. Before Kiri could beat up Kutsuwa, Bossun persuades Kiri to not do because he states that Kiri is doing this for Himeko since Kiri couldn't help Kihara. Kiri is about to stab Kutsuwa with a kunai, but he cuts the ropes. Then, Kutsuwa tells Kiri to apologize and talks trash about Kiri, Himeko, and everyone. Bossun strikes Kutsuwa for his words, but since Bossun hit a teacher, he is suspended for two weeks.

After the Credits

Shinzo, Saaya, and the rest of the Sket Dan celebrate Bossun with a party to welcome him back.

Points of Interest

  • New Characters that appeared: Kihara, Kutsuwa Daijirou,
  • Foie gras is another flavor of the Pelocan candy.
  • YouDoga is a reference to Youtube.

Manga & Anime Differences

  • Scene Altercations: In the beginning of the manga, Kiri is chasing after a pervert who has stolen gym clothes. For the anime version, Sasuke and Mimori are trying to calm down a student who is wreaking havoc, and Kiri shows up to apprehend him.
  • Interestingly, the manga has Sasuke already updated with knowledge of Kiri's past and what has happened to Kihara. Before this chapter, Himeko already learned Kiri's story and told Sasuke. Compared to the anime, Kiri's flashback is seen for the first time as he explains to Himeko.
  • Characters that only make an appearance in the anime version are Saaya, Remi, and Shinzo.
  • In the manga, Hani and Daisy make a later appearance in the manga during the scene where Kiri swears his allegiance to Sasuke. Whereas in the anime, they arrive with Saaya during Kiri's video of Kutsuwa's abduction.
  • Hosuke appeared in the manga briefly.


  • Japanese Name: N/A
  • Manga Chapter: 176 - 178
  • Opening Theme: "Clear" by The Sketchbook
  • Ending Theme: "Sekai wa Okujō de Miwataseta" by Sket+Sketch

Characters & Voice Actors

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Kenta Shinohara Original Concept The mangaka behind Sket Dance.
Shinichi Inotsume Series Composition He's does series composition in Sket Dance and screenplay or series composition in other franchises.
Manabu Nakatake Character Artist/Designer He's the staff behind character design in Sket Dance and other things like key animation editor in other franchises.
Keiichiro Kawaguchi Director Director for Hayate the Combat Butler and Moetan.
Shuhei Naruse Music He's the musician in Sket Dance and other franchises.


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