Solasido is a anime/manga character in the Rave Master franchise
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He is the brother of Remmy and bodyguard in the Rave Master franchise.


Solasido lives in Ray Barrier City of Lyrics Continent with his sister Remmy and Fura; he is the protector of the city who fights the demons that invade their city.


Solasido, who is created by Hiro Mashima, has no current information on what inspires the author to create him. He first appears in episode 27 of Rave Master. His Japanese voice actor is Kenji Nojima, and his English actor is Ping Wu.

Story Arcs

Tower of Din Arc

He appears after stopping Haru and Fura from fighting each other. When demons break through the barrier, he and Fura take them on. Haru and Musica assist them and easily defeat the demons. After recognizing Haru is the Rave Master, Solasido leads them to Remmy in the throne room. Remmy explains that Gale is the head of the demons, and she asks Haru to assist them, but Haru declines without any reason. When Haru leaves, Musica flirts with Remmy which she slaps him. Solasido and the others look for Haru until Musica realize Haru has left to face Gale, his father, at Tower of Din. Upon arriving at the newly formed Tower of Din, Solasido remarks how incredible Haru is when bodies of demons littered the ground. Before heading inside, Shuda appears to take down leftover demons and urges them to hurry.

Inside the tower, Solasido tells Remmy to stay by his side. When the Five Palace Guardians attempt to kill Haru, Elie shoots Ron Glace and Rionette. Remmy figures out King's goals to recreate Over Drive by using End of Earth (Dark Bring). Solasido and the others rush to defeat the guardians, but Ltiangle activates Soul Palace.

In a replica city consisting of Blue City and Aqua Palace, Solasido finds himself with Musica. Out of nowhere, Ron Glace unleashes his Hell Needles on them. Musica traps him with Silver Whip, and he tells Solasido to take him down. Yet, a simple attack with the cross blade did not flinch the knight. Ron Glace gets free, and Solasido resorts to using his telekinetic ability by shattering his cast. He uses Arial Cross to kill Ron Glace. Solasido tries to figure out how to get to Remmy and Elie, but Musica figures out that Solasido use Ray Barrier City as decoy to lure the demons away from the Rave. However, the danger does not end when Ltiangle appears. As soon as Ltiangle drops Fura out of thin air, Solasido tries to attack him. Musica tells him to look for the "link" to help Remmy and Elie.

Salasido: Unhand her!
Salasido: Unhand her!

At Remmy's location, Solasido emerges from the door and throws the cross blade at Rionette. While he fights Rionette, Elie and Griffon comes up with a plan. After Griffon distracts Rionette with his shape-shifting abilities, he throws Plue, yet he misses. Taking Griffon's words, Solasido controls Plue with his telekinectic ability and destroys Rionette with Arial Plue. Elie finishes Rionette with her tonfas. Solasido goes out to hold Remmy close to him. When Remmy says "brother," she mistakenly let out her secret. He reassures her that it is okay. After Musica and Haru defeat the last two guardians, Haru requests Solasido and the others to head back to the city to treat Musica's wounds. Outside the tower, Solasido, Remmy, and Fura meet Clea. Despite their urges for Clea to return, Clea tells them that their duties are fulfilled and gives Elie the Rave of Combat. She hugs Remmy goodbye. During Elie's wait for Haru and Gale's safe return, Solasido and Remmy reassures her that they will come home. Despite their wishes, only Haru return alive.

Solasido warns Musica
Solasido warns Musica

Solasido and Remmy greet Musica who leaves the hospital. When Musica flirts with Remmy, Solasido beats him. After their moment is done, Remmy and Solasido bid Elie and the gang farewell before heading to Aqua Palace together.

Powers and Abilities

He carries a "cross" blade on his back. Even though his left arm is injured, he can be a deadly foe. For example, he kills one knight in one blow.


  • Arial Cross
  • Arial Plue
Voiced by
Name Movies TV Shows
Kenji Nojima
Ping Wu
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Name: Solasido
Gender: Male
1st manga book:
1st anime episode: Rave Master #27
1st anime movie:
Aliases Solacido
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