Sokka is a anime/manga character in the Avatar franchise
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A young warrior of the southern water tribe and brother of Katara


Sokka was born in the South Pole as a member of the Water Tribe to Kya and Hakoda. The first child of his family, he is the older brother of Katara and grandson of Kanna and Pakku. Born in a life of wartime, Sokka was trained as a child to be a warrior like his father. One day, during a Fire Nation raid, he watched his father fight of the invaders as his sister informed them that there was a soldier in their house. Returning too late, he found Kya was killed by the Fire Nation as Sokka admits he can't remember much about his mother since then as he feels Katara is his mother. When Hakoda and the other soldiers of the Tribe go to the Earth Kingdom to help with the war, he is charged with defending the village as the main tactician and warrior of his people.


Sokka was created by Bryan Konietzko and Michael Dante DiMaritno for the series Avatar: The Last Airbender as a part of the Avatar franchise. His character is meant to be a regular person but tied to the group through family bonds that have been strengthened by loss. He makes his first appearance in Episode 1: The Boy in the Iceberg and his first comic appearance in The Promise. He is voiced by Jack DeSena and in the live action film, he is portrayed by Jackson Rathbone.

Character Evolution

In the beginning, Sokka mostly lives his life as a jokester as he rarely takes anything his sister says seriously. He makes witty comments and doesn't believe in the art of bending. However, despite his odd demeanor, he has a high level of pride he takes seriosuly as he feels he is one of the better fighters in his region. Even when he is proven wrong, he'll admit his mistakes and work with new masters in order to learn new ways of fighting and philosophies to train harder as a soldier. As much as he loves to tell jokes and make light of situations, he is a stern member of the group when he needs to be. Sokka has shown his battle prowleness and quick thinking during fights that help the group to succeed. Even when he doubts himself, the others around him remind him how special he really is.

Major Story Arcs

Book One: Water

During a fishing trip he brought Katara on, the two discover Avatar Aang and Appa frozen in an iceberg. Helping the boy free, Sokka is immediately suspicious of him as there is still an active war going on around them. It is shown that Sokka tries to teach the young boys of the village in the art of war. During this, Aang discovers he has been frozen for a hundred years and through an accident, alerts Prince Zuko and Iroh to their village. Sokka does his best to defend the village but Aang agrees to be taken prisoner in order to spare the village. Trusting him, he and Katara use Appa to rescue him. Sokka follows the two around as Aang finds out about the fate of the Air Nomads and how he must train as the Avatar. Continuing the travels, the group come across the Kyoshi Warriros as Sokka butts heads with their leader Suki. He believes that women are incapable of fighting as he challenges them and loses repeatedly. Admitting defeat, he swallows his pride as Suki agrees to train him. When Zuko attacks the island, Sokka helps the efforts as he and Suki kiss, bidding farewell to one another.

Sokka helps Aang when Aang needs to access a Fire Nation temple to meet the spirit of the last Avatar, Roku. Almost getting caught, Aang frees them as they continue to the North Pole. Things become heated when Sokka meets a revolutionary named Jet who is willing to go to extremes to stop the Fire Nation by destroying an Earth Kingdom town. Sokka warns the group about Jet but Katara pushes him away. Sokka is able to evacuate the village in time as he chides Jet, saying that while they share a bad past, they are different people. Things turn worse for Sokka as he volunteers to help a fisherman during a hellacious storm, nearly dying as he and Katara become ill with a fever. Thanks to Aang, they soon recover and continue on.

When news comes from a fellow villager, Bato, that their father is nearby and needs help, Aang hides the information from them so that they wouldn't leave him. Sokka becomes furious, nearly fighting with Aang before Katara stops him as Zuko is on their tail again. Sokka gets into another fight with Aang when he tries to learn firebending for the first time and accidentally hurts Katara. Things are fine once more as Sokka meets and befriends an inventor in the Northern Air Temple as they share innovative ideas and quick thinking to create new technology. However, the Mechanist reveals he is working for the Fire Nation as they run from advancing forces.

Finally getting to the North Pole, Katara butts heads with the misogynistic Water Master Pakku as Sokka becomes smitten with Princess Yue. The two share love and an admiration but she knows she cannot be with him. Sokka overhears her bethroted talking illy of her as they get into a fight, everyone condeming Sokka for his actions. When the Siege of the North occurs, Admiral Zhao kills the spirit of the moon, rendering waterbenders useless as Yue sacrifices herself to save the spirit before confessing her love for Sokka. The Siege won, Sokka watches over the North Pole and the moon as Aang finishes his first training.

Book Two: Earth

When the group departs from the North Pole, they head to a barracks in the Earth Kingdom where General Fong tries to activate the Avatar State by attacking Sokka and Katara. Leaving to Omashu, they come to find that the Fire Nation has taken over. Sokka comes up with a plan to evacuate the city by re-creating a plague that allows everyone to leave under the pretense that they are sick. However, they come into close contact with Princess Azula while doing so. Seeking a new earthbending master since Bumi was captured, Sokka comes across a swamp where visions of Yue criticize him for his failure to protect her. Learning it was a mirage, he heads out with the group to a city where they discover an underground fight club where they meet Toph Bei Fong. They persuade her to join to teach Aang earthbending.

While Aang trains, Sokka attempts to hunt come up futile as he becomes trapped in a gorge. Because of this, Aang is able to harness the power of earthbending a lot easier. When Azula, Mai, and Ty Lee give chase during the night, Sokka works with Aang to distract them but comes under attack by Ty Lee's chi-blocking techniques, rendering him immobile. As they travel through the desert, they learn of an ancient library as Sokka wishes to explore it as it may have useful information on the Fire Nation. The spirit of the library tells them not to look for war as Zhao had burned the Fire Nation section down. Instead Sokka finds a tablet with a date that reads "the darkest day in Fire Nation history". Finding a calendar, the date coincides with a solar eclipse as he realizes how waterbenders get their powers from the moon, firebenders get theirs from the sun and would be rendered useless during a solar eclipse. Finding the next one is coming soon, the spirit of the library sinks the temple as Appa is kidnapped. Wandering through the desert, hallucinating from juice from a cactus, they come across a ferry system to take refuges to the Earth Kingdom capital, Ba Sing Se. Here, Suki and Sokka meet again as they exchange pleasantries and a kiss. Sokka works with the group to help a pregnant couple across the treacherous Serpant's Pass as they give birth to their daughter.

At Ba Sing Se, they discover a massive Fire Drill that is attempting to penetrate the walls of the city. Sneaking aboard, Sokka steals the schmatics from a worker and finds a weak spot as he formulates a plan to break the drill down. The plan succeeds as they enter Ba Sing Se, only to discover the police have covered up the war to placate the masses. After losing a poetry battle, the group discovers a brainwashing facility where the Dai Li take unruly citizens as they find and free Appa. Going to Earth King Kuei, they are able to arrest Long Feng and pass on the information to the Earth generals. While this occurs, Katara plans on staying in the city while Sokka goes to meet his father to fight on the front lines. Aang returns, telling Sokka that Katara was captured as they mount a rescue. With Aang critically injured in a fight with Azula, they sacrifice Ba Sing Se to the Fire Nation and flee.

Book Three: Fire

In the weeks after Aang's recovery, the group decides to lay low in the Fire Nation as people assume Aang is dead. Sokka, several times, poses as a Fire Nation man called Wang Fire as he uses the persona to cheat people out of money and pretend to be Aang's father to get him out of trouble. During this time, noticing how the others have special talents and he doesn't, he enlists the help of Master Piando: a swordsman and craftsman. Piando notices the talent Sokka has in coming up with ideas outside of the box as he knows of the group's true identity. He initiates Sokka into the Order of the White Lotus after his training is complete. Sokka also confesses to Toph that he relies on Katara as his mother since he doesn't remember anything about Kya at all.

In the hours before the Black Sun, Sokka's nerves get the better of him as Hakoda and several armies come to prepare for the Siege. However, since Azula, Mai, and Ty Lee were posing as Kyoshi Warriors, they found out about the invasion and were able to play things out to waste time during the eclipse. As they fought, Sokka lead several successful battles during the attack but lost his temper when Azula revealed she kidnapped and imprisoned Suki. With Black Sun a failure, the younger combatants are told to flee to somewhere safe as Aang leads them to the Southern Air Temple. Sokka tries to come up with a new plan while Zuko tries to join the team. Sokka is hesitant, especially after he hurts Toph, but allows Zuko to join after he helps him defeat Combustion Man. Soon after, he asks Zuko for help to find his father as he is taken to the Boiling Rock: a prison in a volcano as they work together to free Hakoda and Suki. In return, Zuko asks Sokka about what happened to Kya to help Katara get closure.

In the final days before Sozin's Comet, Aang disappears due to his reluctance to kill Ozai. Discovering Iroh and the White Lotus in Ba Sing Se, they come up with a series of attacks to stop the plan to burn down the Earth Kingdom. Sokka, Suki, and Toph were charged with stopping the war zeppelins as Sokka is able to commandeer one as Toph bends its fins to ram into other ships. Suki pilots another zeppelin away as Sokka and Toph come under attack. During the struggle, Sokka breaks his leg as he does his best to protect Toph. Fearing the end, Suki comes back to rescue them as they confront the drained Ozai, knowing the war was won. Back at Ba Sing Se, Sokka tries once more to make a mural of the events but fails miserably.


While Sokka doesn't have the bending abilities as most of his other allies do, he does show a finesse for combat tactics. An expert swordsman and brilliant strategist, he is able to plan as most of his ideas succeed, coming up with angle trajectories and even an idea for a submarine. His acceptance of other ideas and battle stances give him an edge over those who simply stick to one idea or choose to do the bare minimum.

Other Media

The Promise

A year after the events of Sozin's Comet, Sokka is working with Katara and Aang during the Harmony Restoration Movement, helping colonists relocate after the war. He feels awkward when bringing up the relationship between Aang and Katara as he always makes comments on it. When Zuko holes himself up in Yu Dao, Sokka and Toph try to manage the crowd before someone attacks him, throwing rocks and calling him names before Toph comes to his defense.

Video Games

Sokka has appeared as a major character in all three Avatar video games: The Last Airbender, The Burning Earth, and Into the Inferno. While he is not a playable character, he makes appearances that are crucial to the story lines. His character also makes an appearance in the video game adaptation for the live action movie.


Sokka appears alongside Katara in the live action film The Last Airbender. Portrayed by Jackson Rathbone, his story follows the plot of Book One and cultimates his romance with Princess Yue towards the end.

The Legend of Korra

Sokka in his forties
Sokka in his forties

During a vision Korra receives while in Tarrlok's lair, she sees that when he was forty, Sokka was the Councilor of the Southern Water Tribes in Republic City. He is seen as one of the five Councilors hearing the case of Yakone who is accused of being a bloodbender. Sokka shows that his integrity is in tact as he cites Toph's ability to bend metal and Combustion Man, who they fought when they were children, stating that Yakone is clearly guilty. Yakone bloodbends him and the whole courthouse as he escapes. Katara tells Korra that Sokka had passed on some time before she went to Republic City.

Voiced by
Name Movies TV Shows
Jackson Rathbone
Jack DeSena
Shimon Awano
General Information Edit
Name: Sokka
Name: 索卡 (サカ)
Romanji: Saka
Gender: Male
1st manga book: Avatar: the Last Airbender - The Promise #1
1st anime episode: Avatar: The Last Airbender #1
1st anime movie:
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