Soiree Meira

Soiree Meira is a anime/manga character in the Fatal Fury franchise
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The younger brother of Alba Meira. Soiree is dedicated to keeping South Town safe from the various syndicates trying to keep the people of South Town in fear.

King of Fighters: Another Day

KOF - Mai, Athena & Soiree
KOF - Mai, Athena & Soiree

In episode 1 Soiree is seen talking to his older brother Alba Meira. Alba states he is going out and will be back by tomorrow. He asks Soiree to keep an eye on the neighborhood. That evening someone barges into Soiree's apartment while he is arm wrestling with a friend and announces the neighborhood is on fire. Soiree sees this is true and gets the neighbors to go from door to door and make sure no one gets hurt. Soiree rescues a young girl from an apartment fire (a girl Alba escorted home earlier). Soiree asks Mai Shiranui to watch the girl and as Soiree goes to help others the little girl is knocked over by Iori Yagami.

Iori vs Soiree
Iori vs Soiree

Iori ignores the cries of the girl, Mai's badgering and Soiree. When Soiree grabs Iori's shoulder Iori knocks him down with a punch to the face. A fight breaks out between Iori and Soiree. Taking the fight off the streets, the two end up in a deserted church. The roof eventually caves in on everyone but Athena Asamiya, who was passing through South Town on a way to her concert, blocks the rubble with a psi shield. Mai then incinerates the debris with a flame blast from her fan.

Soiree looks for Iori in the rubble despite Mai stating he most likely isn't there. Soiree learns from his brother this is in fact the case. Later in the day after the fires have either been all put out or are under control Alba and Soiree are approached by a mysterious woman, Luise Meyrink.

The story continues in King of Fighters 2006 (Maximum Impact 2).

Fighting Style

Soiree is a master at Capoeria, a brazilian style of fighting. He is extremely quick and agile.

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Name: Soiree Meira
Gender: Male
1st manga book:
1st anime episode: The King of Fighters: Another Day (ONA) #1
1st anime movie:
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