Sket Dance #3 - So Many Friends

is a manga book published by Shueisha that was released on 04/04/2008

Plot Summary

Plot Summary

Nusutto Dance - Chapter of the Falcon

Sket Dan and the students are in a feudal period where a lot of 4th wall is broken. Sket Dan are ninjas whose mission is to rescue Roman while stealing the treasures from a castle that is protected by Sasuke and Sojiro.

Genesis Generation

Yamanobe has a new club that he wants Sket Dan play the game in order to advertise it to other clubs. Yet, Yamanobe's new club fails to get new members.

Momoka's Seiyu Aspirations

Sket Dan helps Kibitsu to land a voice acting job for an anime. Through her fierce willpower, she frightens a perverted director and gets a job in a Yankee anime.

Uchida Request (two chapters)

Sket Dan receives a request from Uchida who wants to be popular to please his ill mother. In the end, Uchida confesses to his mother that he is not popular, but his act of kindness earns him a medal and his friends who support him outside of the hospital.


Japanese Released Date: April 4, 2008.

American Released Date: None.

Chapter 18: Nusutto Dance - Chapter of the Falcon - "Nusutto dansu, hayabusa no shō" (ヌスット・ダンス 隼の章)

Chapter 19: Genesis Generation - "Jeneshisu jenereeshon" (ジェネシス・ジェネレーション)

Chapter 20: Momoka's Seiyu Aspirations - "Momoka seiyū shigan" (モモカ声優志願)

Chapter 21: Producing Uchida - "Uchida o purodūsu" (内田をプロヂュース)

Chapter 22: So Many Friends - "Tomodachi ga ippai" (友達がいっぱい)

Chapter 23: The Spider's Association - "Kumo no kai" (蜘蛛の会)

Chapter 24: The Sket Dan Manga Project - "Sukettodan mangaka keikaku" (スケット団漫画化計画)

Chapter 25: Gachinko Vivage Battle - "Gachinko bibagee batoru" (ガチンコ・ビバゲー・バトル)

Chapter 26: The War Begins!! - "Kaisen!!" (開戦!!)

Extra: Melancholic Rendezvous - "Merankorikku randevū" (メランコリック・ランデヴー)


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