So Close And Yet So Far...

So Close And Yet So Far... is an anime episode of The Pet Girl of Sakurasou that was released on 10/23/2012
Sorata’s determination to move out of Sakura Hall is being questioned by his dorm mates. As he tries to distance himself from Shiina, rumor of her visiting a love hotel causes him to rush to her.
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Plot Summary

As Sorata bathes himself, Shiina barges in and comments that her shower scenes are not sexy enough. Later, Sorata hears Jin talking to someone about how Misaki cannot work alone in her animation projects. Jin explains to him that his scripts are not up to par with Misaki's animations. Sorata states that he feels out of place since he is so ordinary compared to everyone else who has dreams. Jin asks Sorata when he will leave Sakura Hall; Sorata states that he has to find folks who will take the cats, but he is so preoccupied of taking care of Shiinai. Jin tells him that he is tired of hearing Sorata pretending to leave and states that he will take care both Shiinai and the cats. Sorata storms off in his room and chats with Akasaka who knew that Sorata was going to asks about making video games. At school, Nanami and Sorata's friend help Sorata post posters for anyone interested in adopting cats. Then, Shiinai comes in and asks Sorata to go out with her on Sunday much to Nanami's surprise.

On Sunday, Misaki informs him that Jin is taking Shiina on a date and possibly, a love hotel. Chihiro states that Jin might be helping Shiina get manga materials. In the mall, Sorata and Misaki search for Jin using Akasaka's tracking skills. The two bump into Nanami, and three of them follow Jin who bought a teddy bear chain for Shiina. When Nanami notices Sorata is concerned about Shiina, she leaves them. Misaki is down and explains to Sorata that Jin has dated a lot of girls except her. The two continue following Jin and Shiina to the love hotel, and Sorata sees Misaki all tearing up. After Misaki leaves the scene, Sorata tries to punch Jin only to knocked out by Jin.

Later, Sorata wakes up to see Shiina, and he learns from Shiina that Jin knew that Sorata and Misaki were following them. Shiina asks Sorata if he found someone to adopt the cats and what is he doing. Later, Sorata calls Jin and urges him to go back to Sakura Hall, yet Jin says he cannot. Sorata tells him that Shiina has shown him where to go.


  • Japanese Name: "Chikasugite Tooi..." (近すぎて遠い…)
  • Opening Theme: "Kimi ga Yume o Tsuretekita" (君が夢を連れてきた) by Ai Kayano, Mariko Nakatsu, Natsumi Takamori
  • Ending Theme: "Days of Dash" by Konomi Suzuki

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Hajime Kamoshida Original Concept Hajime Kamoshida is the creator of Pet Girl Sakurasou.
Rintaro Storyboard


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