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The evil Lady Crystal is affronted to hear that she is not "the fairest of them all" and orders the hunter Sampson to take her stepdaughter Snow White out into the forest and kill her. But Snow White escapes into the forest and hides with seven dwarves, hoping that some day her Prince Richard will come to save her and restore justice in the kingdom. This retelling of one of the most famous of Grimms' Fairy Tales, like the same studio's later Cinderella, expands the original to fill out an extended running time. In this case, Tatsunoko ensures that Snow White meets her Prince Charming early on in the events so that her intrigues, letters, and clandestine meetings with him allow for plenty of extra action. The finale returns to the original, poisoned apple and all. See also Video Picture Book and Hello Kitty.

Sailor Moon-director Junichi Sato would also create the "new SW story" Pretear, first as a manga drawn by Kaori Naruse for Asuka magazine, then as a TV anime. Refracting the legend through the prism of Utena, it features Himeno Awayuki, a Japanese teenager who discovers she is the "Snow Princess," fated to save the world from evil, assisted by seven bold "knights," who are, of course, fearsomely pretty boys.

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General Information Edit
Name Snow White
Romaji: Shiroyuki-hime no Den-setsu
Publisher ?
Start Year 1994
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Aliases Story of Princess Snow White
The Legend of Snow White
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Recurring Appearances
Snow White first in Episode #1
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