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Snake is a anime/manga concept
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Ash's Snivy

The Fourth Pokemon Ash caught while in the Unova region. Snivy is one of Ash's strongest Pokemon so far and is able to use the move Attract and many other powerful attacks.

Ayame Sohma

The Snake of the Sohmas

Boa Marigold

Boa Marigold is the sister of Boa Hancock and member of the Kuja Pirates. She ate the Snake-Snake Fruit: Model King Cobra.

Boa Sandersonia

Boa Sandersonia is the sister of Boa Hancock and member of the Kuja Pirates. She ate the Snake-Snake Fruit: Model Anaconda.


Bourbon is one of the Rookies in the 287th Exam. He has the ability to control snakes and failed at the 4th Exam.


Maximal from Beast Wars Neo. Transforms into a cobra.


Cobra's giant pet snake.

Cyan Sung-Sun

Sun-Sun is perhaps the most mature, composed and intelligent member of Harribels Fraccion. She is a quiet and shy Arrancar who practices old-fashioned Japanese values and is constantly chastising Apache and Mila-Rose for their child-like behavior.

GaraGara Musume

One of VesVes's lemures that appears in episode 150 Sailor Moon SuperS.


Hanzo is the servant of Iroha


One of Tiger Eye's Lemures that appears in episode 135 of Sailor Moon SuperS.


A member of the Iga who uses Butterflies as a main weapon

Iroha Miyamoto

Jessie's Arbok

A Poison type Pokemon that is owned by Jessie.

Jessie's Seviper

A Poison type Pokemon that Jessie (Musashi) caught while in the Hoenn region.


Martel is a member of the gang led by the Homunculus Greed. She's a human chimera combined with a snake.

Medusa Gorgon

Medusa is one of the main villains in Soul Eater. She is a witch who seeks the revival of the Kishin.

Midwich Medusas

An ancient three headed demon that Count Lee keeps beneath his castle.


A Lamia who lives with Kurusu Kimihito through a exchange program to integrate humanoid creatures into society, however during her stay she falls in madly in love with him, even though it is forbidden for the two of them to be together romantically.


The Naga Slave Queen Santa and his group encountered in Episode 3.


Orochimaru, one of the Legendary Sannin, yet a vile monster , mostly a snake like person, twisted and mindless, he is the definition of pure evil and the ones who follow.He was one of the main villains of Naruto Until he meets his end by Sasuke Uchiha.

Princess Snake


Salome is the personal serpent of Amazon Lily's empress, Boa Hancock.

Snake Baron

An apostle who was killed by Guts during the black swordsman arc.


A kaiju monster who dwells in her cave.

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