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Smoker is a anime/manga concept
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Afro Samurai

Afro's father was known as Number One. When Afro was a child, his father was killed by Number 2 in front of him. Afro has dedicated his life to avenge his father's death. As the new No. 2, he is out to kill No. 1.

Akira Amamiya

Akira Amamiya is Yuko's abusive step-brother.

Albert Chamomile

Negi Springfield's friend who is a perverted lingerie thief. He's a woman obsessed lecher, and is required to initiate a Pactio with his magic.


Asuma Sarutobi

Asuma Sarutobi is the son of the Third Hokage and the Jounin Leader for Team 10.

Atsuko Urameshi

Atsuko Urameshi is the unreliable, single mother of Yusuke Urameshi.

Baby 5

Baby 5 is a member of Don Quixote Family who ate the Arms-Arms Fruit.


Ex-Soviet Airborne Captain. She now leads the Hotel Moscow mafia in Roanapur. She's a strong business woman who runs her organization with military efficiency and ruthlessness.

Ban Mido

Known variously as "The Man with the Evil Eye" and "The Genius of Battles", he is the "B" in the Get Backers which also stands for Beta. He is 21 years old in the anime (18 in the manga)


A member of SAT, he is a top of the line soldier fighting a vendetta against Kaede (aka Lucy) for mutilating him.


Bao is the owner and proprietor of the often ill fated Yellow Flag bar in Roanapur.


A Pillar Head of Behemoth's 34 Pillar Division.


Belle-mère is the former Marine who adopted Nami and Nojiko as war orphans. Her greatest joy in life was being their mother.

Benn Beckman

Benn Beckman is the first mate of the Red-Hair Shanks Pirate Crew. A tall man, always seen with this rifle and a cigarette.


Benny is the mechanic and computer expert for the Lagoon Company in Roanapur.


Bizeff is the former Secretary of State of the Republic of East Gorteau.


Bulma is a genius inventor at the Capsule Corporation and inventor of the Dragon Radar. She met Goku and together they began the journey for the Dragon Balls.


Vice-Admiral Cancer is a solider of the Navy.

Captain Wentzel H. Ahbe

Captain Wentzel H. Ahbe was the captain of a German U-Boat during the final days of WWII.


Chang-ho used to bully Shi Woon and steal his money. However, with some advise and training from Chun Woo Han Shi Woon was able to fight back.


Clemin is a brigadier general in the Amestris State Military and part of Father's corrupt cabal.



She is a bounty huntress who was after Domino Walker.

Cross Marian

Cross is a general of The Black Order who is Allen Walker's master. Cross has the unique ability to convert Akuma to do his bidding.

Curly Dadan

Curly Dadan is a mountain bandit that Garp trusted to watch over and raise Ace and Luffy.

Detective Kido

A Detective who watches over Baki, and sees potential in him.Serves as a father figure to Baki and is seen hanging around Baki's house smoking cigarettes.

Dr. Brief

Founder of the Capsule Corporation and father of Bulma.


Drip is a member of the Impostor Straw Hat Pirates. He tried to impersonate Sanji.


Dutch is the boss of The Lagoon Company and the captain of their vessel, the Black Lagoon.


Eda is a fake, sunglasses wearing nun in the black market organization of Roanapur called the Church of Violence. She's a friend of Revy, but also a deep cover agent of the CIA on an unknown mission.

Edwyn Black

The main antagonist of the Taimanain Asagi Series. He is half-human half-vampire and he seek to capture all the Anti-Demon Ninjas.

Eikichi Onizuka

A 22 year old former bike gang member who decides he wants to teach high school, for the high school girls.

Eiri Yuki

Eiri Yuki is a popular romance novelist with a dark and mysterious past that often gets in the way of his current relationship with Shuichi Shindou.

Etsuko Yamanobe

A Newscaster that will use perversion to increase her ratings.

Faye Valentine

A buxom, generally scantily-clad bounty hunter of ill repute. Reluctant yet repeated partner of the Bebop crew. Her aggressive personality hides a secret past.


Fossa is a member of the Whitebeard Pirates and serves as the Fifteenth Division Commander.

Franken Stein

A character in Soul Eater. He is one of the strongest technicians at Shibusen, and was Spirit's technician.


One of the bishops in the series 07-Ghost. At first he and the protagonist, Teito, hate each other because of Frau's attitude, until they become close and he helps Teito on his quest.


Gamabunta is a Toad/Frog summoned by Jiraiya

Gateau Kagura Vandenburg

Gateau Kagura Vandenburg was a member of Nagi Springfield's Ala Rubra and master to Takamichi.


Ginko is the main character of the series Mushi-shi. He is laid back and frequently smokes. He has a wide knowledge of mushi and helps people during his travels.

Granny Cat

Granny Cat is an elderly-lady who runs a shop in an abandoned city that once sold munitions to the Uchiha Clan. She still lives there with her grand daughter and many cats.

Gray Fullbuster

Gray is an ice mage in the Fairy Tail guild. He stays calm and collected most of the time and has a bad habit of unwittingly stripping in public.

Hajime Shibata

Magazine reporter who's fixated on the Hell Girl cases.


The perverted Grandmaster of the Anything-Goes School of Martial Arts, Happosai has taught Ranma and Genma Saotome and Soun Tendo. He is one of the strongest and most perverted character of the Ranma 1/2 series and is fond of stealing women's undergarments.

Haruka Doumeki

Shizuka Doumeki's grandfather. He was the Shinto priest at the shrine where Shizuka lives. He appears in Watanuki's dreams.

Haruka Urashima

Owner of Hinata Cafe and Keitaro's "Aunt"

Hayato Gokudera

Hayato Gokudera is a character in the series Katekyo Hitman Reborn. He is known as "Smoking Bomb" Hayato because of his dynamite attacks. He strives to be Tsuna's right hand man.

Heinkel Wolfe

A dangerous Iscariot Assassin.Would eventually became a fearsome regenerator soldier for Christianity.

Helter Skelter

He was No.11 in the previous action of NMH1.

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