Sloppy Omelet Rice

Sloppy Omelet Rice is an anime episode of Hanasaku Iroha that was released on 08/07/2011

Sloppy Omelet Rice

The school's 20th annual Kourin Festival is coming up. Ohana's class is doing a Princess Café. Yuina and Minko are assigned co-leaders of their class. Yuina in charge of the waitresses and Minko in charge of the cooking staff. Minko doesn't seem excited at first, but finds some motivation when she hears that Tooru might take a break from work to stop by for the Festival. Everyone wants to try their best so it doesn't end up all sloppy, but sometimes emotions get in the way.

Plot Summary

As another day winds down, Nako tells the cooking staff of changes to tomorrow's meals for customers. Tooru comments on how Nako has changed. Minko is not impressed that Tooru seems to be paying more attention to other girls.

Minko is embarassed at being nominated
Minko is embarassed at being nominated

At school, it is announced that Ohana's class' booth for the upcoming 20th annual Kourin Festival is going to be a Princess Café. Everyone seems excited! Except for Minko who is tasked with co-leading the rest of the class with Yuina. On the train home that day, Ohana comments how the festival at this school is so much more exciting than back in Tokyo.

Nako and Ohana break the news to Tomoe that they are going to have to take two days off to help with the school's festival. Tomoe wonders how the Inn will manage with both of them away. Sui steps in and gives them permission to take the days off, but insists they work extra hard on the days they are still working. The older staff all seem to agree that the students should take time off to have some fun. Minko also gets some motivation when Tooru says he may stop by the Festival on Sunday during lunch break. Jiroumaru has figured out what his next work will be titled, "High School Girls: The Night Before the Fired-Up Culture Festival". Ohana realizes she hasn't asked what Nako's class is doing, Nako tells her that her class is displaying art pieces by a talented artist in their class named Mizuno. Nako is also the festival committee.

Ohana decides what waitress outfits to bring
Ohana decides what waitress outfits to bring

Naturally Minko will be in charge of the cooking staff for the Café, while Yuina and Ohana will be in charge of the waitresses. Minko prepares a preliminary menu, and Ohana is able to borrow the old Kissuiso waitress uniforms for them to use. When Minko shares her ideas with the rest of the cooks, she realizes that they won't be able to prepare fish, due to the classroom's limitations. Some of the students suggest instead to cook omelet rice. Minko doesn't think this idea is feasible and crosses it off her list.

On the train to school Ohana falls asleep. She has a dream where she is running attending to many customers. Then she sees Ko-chan as a maid also, Ko-chan says he wanted to fest it up with Ohana.

Yuina and Ohana lead the waitresses
Yuina and Ohana lead the waitresses

Another day is spent preparing for the festival. Minko finalizes the menu and they decide to go shopping for ingredients the next day. Yuina tries on her uniform and the waitress team practices serving. The cooking team seems up in arms that Minko did not include omelet rice. Nako finally gets to see Mizuno's artwork. Nako is jealous of Ohana's class for all working together to the same goal, and wishes that Nako and Mizuno's class would all work together too. At the Kissuiso, Enishi reflects on his own culture festival experiences. Since he was in the film club, their class showed screenings, and he met Takako during one of the screenings.

Minko loses her patience
Minko loses her patience

Yuina, Ohana and the rest of the waitress team take a restroom break. When Ohana and Yuina return to the classroom, they see that the cooking team is still arguing over the exclusion of omelet rice. One girl on the cooking team really wanted omelet rice, to cook for a guy that she likes. Minko says this is ridiculous, but she doesn't realize the irony that she herself wants to do well for Tooru. The meeting ends with the girl running off crying, and Minko saying the meeting is over and that she'll do everything herself. She insists that this is just an extension of her work, and will not let silly emotions get in the way.

Mizuno takes out one painting that she says is easy to understand, and asks Nako to give it a name. Nako, unsure what to says come out with, "S-s-sloppy?"

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