Slight Fever

Slight Fever is an anime episode of Hanasaku Iroha that was released on 06/05/2011

Plot Summary

The staff visit Ohana
The staff visit Ohana

It's Saturday, and recently Ohana has been waking up early to do extensive cleaning. She catches a fever and collapses one morning. The staff is worried about Ohana working too hard. The doctor tells them that Ohana should be well by the next day if she rests for one day. To Minko's displeasure, Tooru seems to be more worried about Ohana than the others. Tooru plans on cooking Ohana a dish for her to get better.

Takako is dismayed that another staff member is ill (before it was Sui, now it is Ohana), and sees it as unprofessional. However, Takako encourages the rest of the staff to take what they learned from being down one staff member, and use it to do their job well. The staff ultimately run the Inn properly without Ohana. But how will this slight fever affect Ohana and how she feels about her position at the Inn? How will the staff help nurse Ohana back to full health?

Tooru realizes Ohana is kind of cute
Tooru realizes Ohana is kind of cute

Early the next morning, Ohana is feeling well enough to start working again, but still has a slight fever. When she takes a nap during the day, Ohana is visited by Tarou. Tarou wants Ohana to listen to some of what he has been writing. Tarou doesn't read for long before Ohana is left alone in her room again. She attempts to watch TV. She is then visited by Tooru who brings her food, porridge (cooked by Tooru) and strawberries (washed and cut by Minko). Tooru, watching Ohana eat, finds her very cute and ends up blushing awkwardly. Ohana doesn't notice a thing since she is too sick. Ohana, after eating tries to get dressed and start working, but runs into Nako who helps Ohana back into her pajamas and into bed. Nako tries to quell Ohana's worries by reminding her that the Kissuiso ran just as well before Ohana arrived. Ohana is somewhat taken aback by this. She once again tries to get out of bed, but this time Sui visits her and helps her back into bed.

Ohana has a dream that Kouichi is telling her to come back, that the Kissuiso will be fine without her. Tomoe notices that Nako is working harder than normal. Enishi comments that Nako is growing up since Nako doesn't seem to rely on Ohana as much now. Nako, then serving breakfast to two guests, the guests ask where Ohana is. They say that Ohana and Nako are such a great, lively team and make eating breakfast that much better.

Ohana cries because she thinks she's not needed
Ohana cries because she thinks she's not needed

One morning Ohana collapses again. Tooru reacts with extreme surprise and concern. But this time Minko visits Ohana. Ohana is crying. It turns out that the girls were tasked with getting rid of a pesky bat and since Nako can't stand bats, Ohana and Minko need to come up with a plan to get rid of it. Nako then comes in, seeing Ohana crying, Nako reassures her that Ohana is a very special person and her work and presence at the Kissuiso is very much appreciated.

In Ohana's dream with Kouichi again, Ohana tells him that she loves it at the Kissuiso and will stay at the Kissuiso.

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