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Slayers is an anime series in the Slayers franchise
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Devil's Advocate Anime #7's a fun fantasy/medieval action parody. Reviewed by Dream on Dec. 19, 2010. Dream has written 149 reviews. His/her last review was for Blassreiter. 310 out of 325 users recommend his reviews. 1 out of 1 user found this review helpful.
A decent action-comedy title for me to watch. Slayers more or less parodies medieval/ fantasy style plots found in stuff like the Dungeons and Dragons games. Major characters like Lina and Zelgadis tend to be aware of their status within the title at points and remarking on the enemies and situations they face. Some characters tend to be a bit over-the-top with their actions like Amelia and her father attempting to pull off heroics and Gourry being very dense with many things beyond his skilled swordsmanship. Not to mention for a protagonist, Lina doesn't totally fill the typical qualities you would find of a hero. She's greedy, short-fused, arrogant and often has no qualms creating collateral damage from her overpowered spells. The show doesn't take itself seriously and it does a good job at delivering its laughs consistently. The series does do a decent (albeit formulaic) job at setting up some plot developments involving Rezo that do shift the mood of the show during major confrontations, even during the frequent filler episodes. But even in these moments, Slayers still retains its comedic parody of medieval/ fantasy action plot formulas and character archetypes.

But I did find the show's visual and aural presentation to be Slayers' weakest area. The visuals to the series are a bit lacking where scenery doesn't look too detailed, character design lining looked a bit jerky and there are a good number of reused animation frames and animation errors to take notice of. The soundtrack to the series wasn't too memorable for me either as I just breezed through the OP and ED songs after hearing them in the first episode and none of the insert music stuck out for me.

Despite my issues with the show's presentation, Slayers was still a fun comedy title for me to look into as it did enough of a good job at poking fun of the very genre that its world takes place in. I look forward to seeing more of the series franchise at some point.
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