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Slayers is a franchise comprised of 5 movies, 7 anime series, 9 manga series
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The kingdom of Alto have been at war with Baritone for many years

Atlas City

Atlas City is home to the Sorcerer's Guild


The kingdom of Baritone have been at war with Alto for many years


An area where the coast meats the ocean. Consists mostly of sand and water.

Hot Spring

Naturally created hot baths. People usually bathe in them nude or wearing a towel, they are popular in Japan.


Mt.Coronay is the highest peak and is also a great natural wonder.


Oceans are vast bodies of salt water.

Red World

The Red World is one of the many universe, that Lord Of Nightmares created


Ruvinagald is a kingdom, who buy magic tank


Saillune is the Capital of White Magic. Home of Phil, Amelia, and Naga


Sairaag home to the Giant Tree Flagoon


Taforashia is a sister kingdom to Sairaag

The Moon

A natural satellite that currently orbits around Earth. The Moon is normally associated night time, and some say it possesses divine powers.

Ti Toh

Ti Toh is the imperial capital of Kunan

Tower Of Wind

The Tower Of Wind is the home to Vaalwin the Airlord

Vei Shii

Vei Shii is a small mining town, where Lyos grow up


Vezendi is a large city, where Radok and his son live

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