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Slayers TRY is an anime series in the Slayers franchise
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Weaker in humor, but has the best plot of Slayers thus far. Reviewed by Dream on Feb. 2, 2011. Dream has written 157 reviews. His/her last review was for Parasyte -the maxim-. 317 out of 332 users recommend his reviews. 2 out of 2 users found this review helpful.
After seeing this third season of the Slayers franchise, I do have to admit this is a bit weaker than the first two TV seasons. But before I get to my issues with the series, I'll at least cover what I liked about it and for this season, it was the plot. Perhaps the most complex developments within the Slayers franchise I've seen thus far, Slayers Try has several different parties involved in the main plot of obtaining five powerful weapons that involve Mazoku, gods, Lina's group and Filia's dragon race. The major characters among these four factions all have their justifications for why they are obtaining the weapons, protecting them or preventing the other sides from getting their hands on them which keeps characters from being seemingly shallow. And don't be surprised if you see treachery and underhanded tactics among some of the characters in order to meet their own ends. These plot twists are what mostly hooked me onto this season of the series. Also, it looks like the show's animators finally learned to put a bit more effort on their visuals as the character designs and scenery looked better polished. And while the animation is still not too impressive, I did take notice of some scenes that looked different from how action scenes were handled from the first two seasons.

However, the series suffers quite a bit with its humor as unlike the first two seasons, I found it to be a bit more hit-or-miss. The humor is a bit more cartoonish at points as weak characters that would normally be killed off in the earlier seasons yet retaining the show's humor (like how a certain fishman's corpse is treated by his goons in the first season) are just blasted away a la Team Rocket with one character literally blasted into space yet still alive by the end of the series. In addition, four filler episodes I seen during the middle of the series had to be the weakest material I've seen from the franchise thus far. There are still points where the show's humor shines. But as the series progresses, especially beyond said four filler episodes, the major plot becomes more prominent with the occasional bits of humor.

Thus far, Slayers Try is the weakest season of the show I've seen, though that doesn't mean it was a complete dud for me. While I wasn't as impressed with the humor, this season did have the most complex plot developments I've seen out of the franchise thus far and featuring new characters fleshed out enough where they weren't completely your run-of-the-mill character archetypes.
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