Slayers: Super-Explosive Demon Story Concepts

Slayers: Super-Explosive Demon Story is an manga series in the Slayers franchise
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Dragon Slave

Dragon Slave is one of Lina Inverse most powerful spell.

End of the World

The extinction of all life on Earth or the destruction of Earth itself. Also known as; Armageddon, Ragnarok, and the Apocalypse.


A God can be a guardian or a ruler with nearly unlimited powers or sense of consciousness. Most of them are creators or controlers of a sertain element or concept, but there are also gods who are destroyers wile some can be both.


Magic is an often used term in fiction. It is the concept of affecting the universe through supernatural methods and breaking the physical laws.


Mazoku are genderless spiritual being that resides on the astral plane.


The act of controling an individual, making him preform actions at your will.


The character is adept at casting magic. In addition using spells is an integral part of his/her fighting style

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