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Slayers Revolution is an anime series in the Slayers franchise
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Looks like Slayers is starting to lose its luster for me. Reviewed by Dream on Feb. 27, 2011. Dream has written 152 reviews. His/her last review was for Golden Time. 313 out of 328 users recommend his reviews. 2 out of 2 users found this review helpful.
It looks like Slayers is starting to lose a bit of its steam for me as I found both the comedy and plotting for it to be weaker than what I got out of the first three seasons. Much like Slayers Try, I found the show's humor to be hit or miss. While the humor for this season isn't as cartoon-ish as Try, I am finding that the show's humor is starting to get a bit stale for me as the same scenarios from the previous three seasons are playing out here: new sidekick being a pest to Lina, bizarre filler episodes, Lina's lack of regard for whatever collateral damage she causes with her spells when she gets angered, random fish-person appearance, Gourry being dense as ever, Amelia's justice speeches and so forth. There were some laughs I got from this series at points ( Xellos' toying with Wizer in a later episode was a hoot), but I otherwise didn't get such laughs consistently.

I also found the plotting to be a bit of a mixed bag at points as well. While not really too grand or in-depth, the first three seasons of Slayers did keep my interest as Lina and her companions were caught up in the affairs of sorcerers, mazoku and shinzoku. I had even found Slayers: Try to have the best plotting of the franchise thanks to the multiple factions involved which made up for the season's subpar humor. This season started off a bit more mundane with its main plot focused around Lina's encounter with Pokota and becoming involved in a kingdom's plot of an arms race. It started off smoothly enough as more is learned about Pokota's origins and why he is dealing with the magical tanks in the show's first half. However by the second half, the plotting becomes somewhat of a mess. Information brought up regarding certain plot elements to the first season of Slayers were contradicted with the return of a foe that Lina's team vanquished from the first season (which for whatever reason, Lina's team did not seem to remember) and information regarding Rezo. In addition, this season is intentionally left open-ended as foreshadowing regarding certain new characters from Revolution appear to be around for Slayers EVOLUTION-R.

With a new season since the airing of Try from nine years earlier, the visuals to Slayers were updated as character designs and scenery sport cleaner details and brighter coloring. While the animation isn't as shaky as it was from the previous seasons, it is still not that impressive as it lacks any sense of fluidity coming from the characters during battle scenes.

I can definitely pick off Slayers Revolution as being the weakest season of the franchise I've seen thus far. The plotting got too shaky towards the second half of the series and I was finding the humor to be hit-or-miss and losing its luster for me. This has me on edge for whether or not I should commit to Slayers: Evolution-R anytime soon.
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