Slayers Knight Of The Aqua Lord

Slayers Knight Of The Aqua Lord is an manga series in the Slayers franchise
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Lina & Gourry are swept outside of the God-Sealing Barrier, and begin there new adventure

Volume #1 - SWEPT AWAY, What Is This Place?

After meeting the enigmatic woman Hureika in a seaside village during her travels, the beautiful genius sorceress Lina Inverse’s fate takes a dramatic turn. Separated from her partner Gourry, she finds herself swept ashore onto an unfamiliar land. Faced with violent monsters, she is suddenly unable to wield her magic. But her grand adventures only begin once she is saved by Lyos, a boy who claims himself to be the “Knight of the Aqua Lord”

Volume #2 - REUNION, An Illusion?

After being swept outside of the God-Sealing Barrier, Lina Inverse travels with the mysterious young swordsman Lyos and re-united with Gourry on her way to the Imperial Capital Of Ti Toh. Located there is the headquarters of the acting governmental system, the Church Of The Aqua Lord, which preaches fierily to the Aqua Lord. Hunted by the church as outsiders in a foreign country, Lina and company are held captive, when.

Volume #3 - ENCOUNTER, A Meeting Of Destiny

Lina Inverse and co. are tasked with the duty of finding the "Divine Power" by the church of the Aqua Lord, an organization which worships the Aqua Lord. Their latest lead brings them to a small mining village, which just so happens to be the town where Lyos was born and raised. There Lyos finally reveals his past, why he calls himself "Knight Of The Aqua Lord," as well as how he came to possess "Banisher, The Holy Blade"

Volume #4 - THE WHEELS OF FATE, Spinning Round

Lina Inverse and co. can only stand by and watch helplessly as the General Riksfalto effortlessly bats away Lina's strongest spell, The Dragon Slave. All hope seems lost until Fanan, the girl who commands the power of the Airlord Vaalwin, launches a counter attack of her own, and the power of the Aqua Lord, seemingly in resonance with the Air Lord's power, begins to activate. In this quickly intensifying battle of humans, Gods, and Demons, what awaits Lina and Co.

Volume #5 - THE MANIFESTATION, Of The Air Lord!?

With their objective - The Tower Of Wind, the dwelling place of the Air Lord Vaalwin. Before their eyes, Lina and co. are suddenly attacked by a fierce army of Mazoku! Faces with the odds overwhelmingly against them, Orun the village chief and keeper of the weapons which hold the Divine Power, makes the difficult decision to send Lina to the tower, and opens the path there. Lina, armed with only the thoughts of her friends, journeys to the sacred grounds to meet with the God, alone. Will their meeting bring Lina and her friends the powers they need to survive?

Volume #6 - THE ENDGAME, Begins

Weilding the power of the Air Lord Vaalwin, Lina Inverse saves Orun's village from certain destruction at the hands of a horde of attacking Mazoku, while Lyos strikes down the Mazoku General Riksfalto with the help of the power of the Aqua Lord. However, Lyos finds himself unable to control. All the while, Hureika maneuvers behind the scenes, all in order to pit the Air Lord and Aqua Lord against one another. What will fate have in store for Lina and Lyos!? The saga plunges forward into checkmate!

General Information Edit
English Name Slayers Knight Of The Aqua Lord
Japanese Name: アクア藩主のスレイヤーズの騎士
Romaji: Akua hanshu no sureiyāzu no kishi
Publisher Kodansha
Start Year 2002
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