Slayers EVOLUTION-R Characters

Slayers EVOLUTION-R is an anime series in the Slayers franchise
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Abel Ranzaad

Abel is the son of Radok, a wealthy merchant

Amelia Wil Tesla Saillune

The young, buxom, justice-loving Princess of Saillune.


Dilgear is half-wolf and half-troll beastman once employed by Rezo the Red Priest.


Dugld is a Mazoku whom make a deal with Zuuma


Gduza is a Mazoku whom make a deal with Zuuma

Gourry Gabriev

A dim but kind swordsman.

Lina Inverse

A small, slender, easily-angered sorceress.


Nama is a soul stuck inside of a suit of armor


Ozer is an artificial human created by Rezo, to look after his soul


Pokota is a young sorcerer and prince of the kingdom of Taforashia. He is now in a stuffed animal body


A blind but extremely powerful, known for his good deeds...usually.


Rodimus is a loyal henchmen for Zelgadis.

Ruby-Eye Shabranigdo

Shabranigdo is the very first Mazoku to be created.


A true prankster, and also one of the most powerful Mazoku in existence.

Zelgadis Greywords

Zelgadis Greywords is third character to join the protagonists in the Slayers franchise. Transformed into a chimera by the Red Priest, Rezo, Zelgadis seeks a cure of his affliction.


Zolf is a loyal henchmen for Zelgadis. He want revenge on Lina for burning him badly


The Assassin from Slayers Revolution and Slayers Evolution-R.

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