Slavery Characters

Slavery is a anime/manga concept
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Aladdin is a goatsbeard brotula merman. A former member of the a Ryugu Kingdom forces, he joined the Sun Pirates as doctor after being freed from slavery under the Celestial Dragons.


A former slave from the tower of heaven.


Arneis is a slave who works at Ketil's farm.

Boa Hancock

A former slave of the Celestial Dragons.


A former slave from the tower of heaven.


Captures Berbils to sell into slavery.

Darth Vader

Was a: Slave


Liz was a Danafall Knight, whole fall in love with Meliodas

Erza Scarlet

She was a slave who was beaten and abused to the extent of losing her eye.


Fatima is a slave trader in the Magi franchise.


Goltas is Jamil's slave.


Brother of a slave who actually own slaves.


Was a: Slave

Jellal Fernandes

He was a slave, but when he killed his captors, he has persuaded others to help build the tower by treating them nicer.

Keiko Suzki

Antagonist from the movie LaMB. She is not truly evil, and her motives derive from the deaths of her parents.


One of the 13 spades chosen to liberate Shiva from the Chaos Army. He was chosen as a guide who knew the entrance to Shiva castle.

King Zarkon

Was a: Slave owner


Koala was a little girl who was freed from slavery under the Celestial Dragon. She joined the Sun Pirates on their journey to return her home. Later on, she became a Fishman Karate Assistant Instructor for the Revolutionary Army.

Marida Kruz

A pilot of the Neo Zeon remnant forces, who is one of the twelve clones of Elpeo Ple.


A slave who wish to sleep forever.


A slave from the tower of heaven.


As a descendent of the Finalis Clan, Morgiana possesses immense physical strength and agility. She joins Aladdin and Alibaba in their journey some time after leaving Jamil's side.


Nadja is a young girl who was taken into slavery in the Magi franchise.

Prince Lotor

Was a: Slave owner


A former slave to the Lizards and Dogs.


Was a slave.


Cruel leader of the Rat people. He is one of Mumm-Ra's six generals.


A member of the Fairy Tail guild and close friends with Makarov and Erza. He was kidnapped and enslaved in the Tower of Heaven. He sacrificed his life to save Erza.

Sara "Eve" Integra

Female protagonist from the movie LaMB. Sara is trapped within a Laminated suit as punishment for an experiment gone wrong.


A childhood friend of Erza, having known her during the days she and their friends were kept as slaves and forced to build the Tower of Heaven.

Sill Plain

Sill Plain is a slave bought by Rance.


He was a slave and he died in Erza's arm.

Sincline's Mother

The mother of Prince Sincline (Lotor) she was impregnated by Emperor Daibazaal when he raped her. She was later murdered by Daibazaal when she stood in the defense of rebel slaves he was going to execute.


Was a: Slave

Wally Buchanan

An old friend of Erza's, during her days as a slave building the Tower of Heaven. He now works for Jellal and believes Erza betrayed him and his friends.

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